Zinc Facial Bars: Secret Acne Superheroes

by maddieblum
This shows the zinc facial soap! A true secret acne superhero.

I have always struggled with acne over the years. From T-zone breakouts to blackheads, I’ve seen my fair share of the dermatologist’s office. The thing is, more often than not, the medications I’ve been prescribed are largely ineffective or only serve their intended purpose for a short period of time. But this past March, I discovered a complete game-changer, Zinc Facial Bars, or as I like to call them, the secret acne superheroes.

My dermatologist said that my recent acne was being caused by dandruff and excessive oils in my scalp.

She also told me that using a zinc facial bar may help because it has many anti-inflammatory properties and can help to gently cleanse my face of the oils that are escaping my scalp and making their way onto the sides of my face. Zinc also naturally is able to decrease the amount of oil your skin produces. You can learn more about some of the benefits of zinc here.

I love this facial bar because it does an amazing job of clearing up acne patches while also not drying out your skin.

One of the main reasons I reduce my use of or stop using acne medication products altogether is because my skin almost immediately becomes flaky, dry, red, and inflamed. But I’ve been using this facial bar for 3 months now twice a day and my skin never gets dry. You can also use this bar in conjunction with more on the spot acne treatments if you’re looking to target certain pimples.

As someone very familiar with acne medications and prescriptions, I know that skin care products can often get pretty pricey. 

Even if it’s something you buy in the store and not through your dermatologist, everything adds up really quickly. But the great thing about this zinc facial bar is it’s super affordable! In fact, you can get one on Amazon right now for only $7.79! You can get it here.

I hope these zinc facial bars (secret acne superheroes!) help everyone as much as they have helped me!

Maddie Blum

About the author: Madelyn Blum
I'm a rising junior at the University of Michigan studying Communications and Media. Outside of the classroom, I am the President of the Michigan Intercollegiate Polo Club (on horses!).

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