Yoga is a Lifestyle

by @mariambecker
Yoga is a lifestyle

Yoga is a lifestyle and the best way to reduce stress, clear the mind, and have a nice and relaxed body.

It is hard to find a single record which contains information about the inventor of yoga. It has over 2000 years of history. Yoga is known for its postures and poses, although in the past, the main and primary focus of original yoga was not physical, it was more spiritual energy and mental focus. To understand the philosophy of spiritual energy and mind focus, imagine yoga as a tree with roots, trunk, and branches, and this tree can bloom and have fruit. Each “branch” of yoga represents a different focus and character, and “fruits” can be the benefit of yoga.

What are the benefits of yoga? 

Yoga is a combination of techniques to control the breath, clear the mind, and relax the body. The key to clearing the mind, reduce stress, and relax the body is to learn to regulate the breath. Deep breathing focuses the brain on the breathing process and regulates blood circulation. While the brain is engaged to nothing else but inhaling and exhaling, it forgets about the stress and keeps the mind constantly active in the process. Each yoga session starts with “check-in” which is a breathing focus exercise. It engages the mind in a yoga environment.

A combination of physical and mental activities reduces the stress and focuses the mind on other thoughts, rather than stress, and anxiety. It helps people be less anxious, less stressed, and be calmer, more attentive, and more efficient at work.
Each yoga session ends with “savasana”, which lasts five to ten minutes. The purpose of “savasana” is to release both body and mind stress and totally relax before leaving the yoga environment. This relaxation period is a great opportunity to combat daily stress and clear the mind.

Yoga is a lifestyle and the best place to reduce stress, clear the mind, and have a nice and relaxed body.


About the author: Mariam Becker

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Technical communicators have a diversity of job opportunities in industry, and one of them is creating articles for websites. This platform allows people to be connected from different parts of the world, to share experience in different cultures and life styles, family relationship, traveling, etc. As an Intern at Hollywood Beauty Magazine, I am excited to share my knowledge and experience.

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