Why We Need to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

by Emily Komer
Why We Need to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day is an amazing day dedicated to protecting the planet and embracing all of its natural beauty and much more. But, it only happens one day a year. This should change. Earth Day should be celebrated every day and people should do things to protect it 24/7 and 365 days a year.

We need to celebrate Earth every day and reduce emissions of harmful gases in our atmosphere. 

Mother Earth is what we should focus on every day instead of things that don’t need as much attention. Protecting our planet is something that everyone should consider in their daily lives. We can do things daily such as recycling, shopping organic, and signing petitions for environmental organizations. Doing things like this every day helps make small changes to save the earth.

The earth can only be saved by us, so we need to do what we can every single day. 

Protecting our homelands is vital to stopping global warming and natural disasters.

For example, the horrible fires in places like California. Natural disasters such as fires occur with temperatures increasing. There are many reasons why we should protect the earth. It is easy to think global warming is fake when you live somewhere like Indiana. Indiana with its four seasons and no natural disasters. People that live in Hawaii or California notice the changes to their homes and ocean life. Global warming and even land pollution is noticeable in tropical areas. Also, don’t we all want our vacation spots to be beautiful and have no trash on the beach or in the oceans? Yeah, I think we all do, so let’s make the changes today.

Why We Need to Change Lifestyles and Celebrate the Earth Every Day.

Start by helping the earth by eating little to no red meat because cow pastures take up so much land and destroy forests such as the Amazon Rainforest to supply land to these cows. Also, cows release vast amounts of methane and carbon dioxide emissions which are the most prevalent gases that cause global warming in our atmosphere.

Changing your life today will help change the environment around you.

About the author: Emily Komer
Hi, my name is Emily Komer and I attend Michigan State University. I am a journalism major and am doing a minor in Spanish as well! I love traveling and spending time with friends and family.

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