Why are scary movies so popular?

Why are scary movies so popular?

All those horror movie fans out there, correct me if I’m wrong but scary movies are truly a source of entertainment for a lot of people. But why is this genre so popular?

Some horror fans often mention that the movies can take away their anxiety.

However, they may be more of an anxious bunch than fearless.

From an article by Nautilus, “They found that fans of horror movies were likely to be high in neuroticism, a personality trait of high anxiety.

Across all movies in the dataset, plot keywords such as “mental illness,” “ghost,” “serial killer,” and “insanity” were among the strongest predictors of fans’ neuroticism.

Likewise, movie plots with psychological themes of death and anxiety predicted high neuroticism among fans of those movies.”

For those with anxiety, they may be more sucked into the plot of the story due to the anxiety heightening their visuals.

Which causes them to survey the scene carefully and due to the suspense feels more immersion into the movie.

Nautilus continues,

“One of the most uncomfortable aspects of anxiety is often the feeling that you are not in control of the situation. Lack of control over a stressor has a well-documented history of negative effects. ”

There are a number of reasons for why someone may find themselves relieved from stress due to a horror movie. However, this may not be for everyone.

For someone who doesn’t enjoy horror movies at all, they most likely won’t gain the “effects” from the genre. But there are many subcategories to the horror genre.

If you are interested in getting into the era of this kind of entertainment, play around with the genres. To find one that may suit you best or maybe none at all.

If you’re feeling anxious or looking for an escape, maybe from some anxiety, horror could be an option for you.

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