When we think of Valentine’s Day or ‘Gifts of Love’

by MonicaHahnPhotography
Photo for Valentines

When we think of Valentine’s Day or ‘Gifts of Love’, we typically think of flowers and chocolates. But what if your love is not ‘typical’ but rather this person is someone much more ‘special’?

How do we express our love in something more personal and intimate with the one we hold most sacred to our hearts?

Attraction First, Then Love… now what’s to follow?

Monica Hahn Photography

When he first met you, there was something beautifully attractive he saw in you. Your hair, your face, your body, your expression, your laugh; it’s everything that drew him to want to be with you.

We fall in love with great joy then get comfortable in our relationship. Feels like the story’s written, right? But keeping our love alive with the same spark takes work. Do we celebrate our love with another box of chocolates or another bouquet of flowers?When we think of Valentine's Day or 'Gifts of Love'

Love should always be renewed and celebrated with fresh sparks of beguiling reminders of that very special spark that brought us together and keeps us drawn to one another.

Newly engaged women seem to have the fever to want to playfully tease their hubby’s to-be with sexy boudoir photos, and the grooms go nuts for it!

When we think of Valentine’s Day or ‘Gifts of Love,’ I personally get reminded of the creative and special ways that each partner keeps the flame lit for each other.

Ironically the boudoir photo shoots I have done all seem to be gifts one gives to the other partner.

My boudoir photo shoots seem to loosen the spirits and brings out a certain confidence as she sees how amazing she can look in sexy photos. It brings a smile to BOTH his face…and hers. Now that warms my heart 🙂

If I had a nickel for every woman who said,” I’m Excited for my Boudoir photo shoot, but also SO NERVOUS!”

There’s a certain nervous excitement that every woman experiences as they walk in my studio doors for their boudoir photo session. But it’s also always followed by a feeling of pure exhilaration as we begin clicking through our photo session together.

I have photographed women of all ages and all body types and it takes a bit of courage for all. But I’ve noticed that each woman also experiences the same enlightening moment of great pride and elevated sense of confidence after.

As their final photos are revealed to them, there’s always this overwhelming feeling of JOY and Disbelief that overcome them. It’s pure happiness for me to watch them fall in love with themselves ass they see their photos.

It’s an interesting experience to watch all these women who were so nervous when they arrived, but felt completely exhilarated and proud of themselves after.

Is Boudoir Just For The Tall & Skinny? – Heck NO!

What I’ve learned in my years of photography is that the most beautiful photographs don’t come from a particular body shape or a perfectly symmetrical face.

Let’s face it, none of us are perfect…BUT we all have ideal angles that make us look emphatically more gorgeous. Understanding a person’s body shape and proportions combined with knowing which angles are most flattering for each body type is the key to looking great in photos.

Here’s some tips for different body types and how I work the magic.

1) PLUS SIZED WOMEN who want to deemphasize body areas.

ANGLES & LIGHTING are key. Depending on where you are photographed from, you can look wider or thinner. Lighting also plays a key role. You can create shadows in areas you want to deemphasize and highlight the areas you want to pop in an image.

2) SHORTER PERSON who wants to look taller and more slender

Camera LENS choice is key here. The 70-200mm lens will give you a compression with perspective distortion to produce this visual effect better. The camera is much about understanding illusions sometimes.


It is all about POSING, specifically poses that create a strong ‘S’ curves in the body. I have loads of tricks in my bag but it would take pages to share!

4) PEAR SHAPED BODIES who want to look more proportionate

The key here is POSING and camera ANGLES. Understanding that “what’s closest to the camera is largest”, I’m going to pose my subject accordingly.

When we think of Valentine’s Day or ‘Gifts of Love,’ we think of the many different ways to show the person or persons we love how much we love them.

Creativity starts to flow, and minds start to wonder; with the goal of making someone happy.


About the author: INSIDE THE STYLE STUDIO with Monica Hahn Photography

What can I say but, I love what I do and I'm incredibly lucky to be able to photograph such amazing people.

I have photographed so many faces in my time. I started out photographing athletes, then dancers, then models. Then along the way, I felt the need to give the 'everyday person' that same privilege. To have their own 'celebrity for a day' experience. To be pampered and feel special like they deserve; with photographs that would WOW them for a lifetime!

In photographing all these different types of people, what I came to realize is that I don't actually photograph two eyes, a nose and a body shape. I photograph what I see inside of a person. Maybe it's a deep strong seriousness or maybe it's a wild bright vivacity. Every one of us has a certain spark, a certain glimmer of light that shines through from within us. It's what makes us unique. It's what makes us special.

My photo shoots are not about being your most perfect self. It's about letting loose and letting yourself laugh, love and enjoy. It's about forgetting your inhibitions and just letting your natural self unfold in front of me; in front of my camera. Because ultimately we are our most beautiful when we love the skin that we are in. When you FEEL good, you LOOK good.

I want you to enjoy a photo session with me and not worry, not stress over the perfect outfits.... I want you to trust. Trust that I know what will look good on your body type. Trust that I know my camera lenses, angles and lighting. Take comfort knowing I am here to guide you every step of the way from prep to posing.

Relax knowing you are in good hands and all you have to do is enjoy the moment as it unfolds... It will all come together beautifully 🙂

With Monica Hahn Photography
NY -> CA


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