What Looks Will Be Trending This Summer?

by spicysoph
What Looks Will Be Trending This Summer?

This past year, the world of fashion hasn’t exactly been what we are used to.  A few exclusive shows with a lack of coverage, Look-books and live digital books is all we have to go off this summer! So here is the big question. What trends will be popular amongst the people! 

What looks will be trending this summer?

Last year we saw a lot of neons, biker shorts, and 90s. Will we be seeing more 90s this summer? Over the past 2 years, the 90s style has been at an all-time high. And I personally, will never get enough of the 90s, but as it seems, we are going to take it back a couple of extra decades all the way back to the 60s and 70s! The 60s seems to be the predominant trend this upcoming summer. Some of the biggest trends of 2020 included the sweater vests, puffy shoulders, and psychedelic prints, but this summer we’re going bigger and bolder! Anything from tinted glasses to micro-mini skirts, the 60s and 70s are coming back full throttle. Some other popular trends from the 70s we should keep our eyes peeled for this summer include headscarves, skin-tight tie-dye bodysuits, and fun prints! So now the only question is where can you shop your retro looks from this summer? Brands such as Etro, Realisation Par, and A.L.C are a good place to start! Let’s take a look at some of these adopted trends in today’s fashion.


The micro mini is even smaller and shorter than the average mini! The trend was a big part of the sexual revolution during the 60s. Here is an example of it worn by the stylish Salma. 


The ‘must have’ trend of the season is the headscarf. In all different shapes and sizes, the scarf can be worn in various different ways. You can wear it as a bandana, wrapped around your head or a bow at the end of your braid! No matter what, they look good. The image shows a selfie of the author @spicysoph in a vintage Valentino headscarf.


The look that has already been adopted by the streets. People are loving these fun colors, cool prints, and retro styles! The trend that wins our vote! Wasteland, one of my favorite LA thrifts, has been taken over by them. Brands such as ALC and Etro are popular designers that specialize in these styles. Free people is a more recognized and affordable brand for the prints, but overall, it seems all brands are taking a liking to the trend!

So there it is! Those are some of the looks that will be trending this summer. So if I were you, I’d pull out those old boxes and if you are from a younger generation, call up mom and see what hidden treasures she might have for you! 

About the author: Sophia rahimi
I am a freelance fashion stylist, blogger, and content creator. If you are interested in topics such as current trends, beauty, and lifestyle, tune in for my blog posts! I will be giving tips and tricks on how to look and feel your best including shopping, skincare, and more! Creating creative content no matter the form is a passion of mine, and I hope my articles successfully deliver my enthusiasm!

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