Can I use my flat iron or a curling iron every day?

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Can I use my flat iron or a curling iron every day?

Using my flat iron or a curling iron every day or even more than 4 times a month, it will dry out your hair. Sorry!
(Unfortunately I can speak from my own experience … ..)

Ideally, you should use the straightener or the curling iron as seldom as possible, because too frequent heat treatment makes the hair look very dry and brittle.

Even the most expensive and latest equipment will dry your hair from the heat alone. Although the sellers talk about “moisture protection” and “ion technology” and promise heaven on earth –  in my experience, it’s all nonsense.

However, there are tips and tricks on how to do less damage to your hair and how to prevent it from drying out:

Can I use my flat iron or a curling iron every day?

Tip One: gently squeeze instead of rubbing

After washing your hair or showering, your hair should not be rubbed. This also damages the hair structure. It is better to gently squeeze the hair with a towel.

Tip two: Clever time management

The blow-drying will much faster after the hair is already a bit pre-dried in the air. Therefore, when finishing in the bathroom, try some intermediate steps such as putting on makeup or making a delicious breakfast. Then (last) comes the hair dryer!

Tip Three: Definitely use a heat protection product

Special sprays or lotions apply an invisible film around the hair, reducing the risk of heat damage. Certainly these products can help, but there are no guarantees.

Very Important: Better to use a high-quality product – the price range is of course different in specialist markets, at the hairdresser and on the Internet. But quality products will geve you a better result than a cheaper alternative. To best protect your hair, you should choose a good heat protection.

Tip Four: Start with low heat

When blow-drying you should start with a low, almost cool temperature. Too high temperatures stimulate the production of the glandular gland. As a result, over-heated hair fats faster and you have to wash it more often and thus blow-dry more often ….

Tip Five: Buy a flat iron with ceramic and tourmaline plates, which also have a temperature regulator.

It is worth spending a bit more money for the curling iron, or the flat iron, because high-quality equipment is more gentle on the hair.

Always use the temperature level that suits your hair type. Fine, delicate hair needs less heat to become smooth than medium or thick hair.

Tip Six: Instead of a high temperature, it is better to choose a higher speed of the blower blower.

Most hairdressers work with hair dryers that have 2000 watts of power, or more. But watch out: the higher the wattage, the hotter the hair dryers can blow!

Tip Seven: Never get too close

The basic rule when blow-drying is to hold about 10 inches between the scalp and the hair dryer

Tip Eight: Use the right hair dryer tools

For every hair there is the perfect brush – here you should test yourself through the world of hairbrushes, as each hair is individual. In general, I advise brushing rather than combing so as not to overstretch the hair. Mostly you can not go wrong with a paddle brush for the beginning. My favorites are brushes with mixed bristles, because they are ideal for unraveling the hair and they give the hair a beautiful and natural shine.

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