Unique Bucket List Ideas to Inspire You

by Lori Gradley
Unique Bucket List Ideas to Inspire you
A Bucket List is described as experiences a person wants to accomplish in their life time before they ‘kick the bucket’ (to use an old English idiom). The psychology behind the list is considered to be a positive form of goal setting, promoting physical, spiritual and mental well being. This article of all about unique bucket list ideas to inspire you. 
It allows us to replace our daily hectic schedule with a profound experience, an exciting adventure of importance.  Each bucket list is of course unique to the individual. It clearly represents their hopes & desires. On many occasions a bucket list is created due to a sudden jolt of awareness, or perhaps a brush with mortality, that really wakes us up.

 “The purpose of life is to live it, to savour experience to the upmost, to reach out eagerly without fear for newer and richer experiences”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

Why You Should Create a Unique Bucket List?

Many of us live our lives in a flurry of activities and work overload. So why would we consider writing down our most treasured bucket list ideas before we die? Creating a bucket list allows us to decide and choose what is really important. We ask ourselves what is of real value? Can we act on this goal, before its too late….?
This blog is personally important to me. There’s a huge reason behind why I wrote it. Two months ago my father sadly passed away. He was 2 months short of his 94th birthday. Fortunately, he lived an incredible, healthy, fulfilled life. He was dearly loved & will be missed by so many. This blog is a tribute to my father.
Years ago dad & I discussed our ‘Bucket List’ over a frosty cold ‘pint’ at the “Winchester Arms”,  a favorite English pub we used to love to go to. Dad told me when he hits 100 we would celebrate by going on a hot air balloon ride together!  He was so excited about it and as he was still very healthy. We thought he would easily hit the milestone ‘100’ birthday.   Sadly I wish I had taken him on that balloon ride back then. Now of course it’s too late. The point here is we thought he had years left to live.
None of us know how long we have left on this earth.
So this is a lesson and a reminder to not squander your time. Take action and maximize every moment to live your life to the fullest.   

 “Every man dies… but not every man really lives”

— William Ross

My family had booked a hot air balloon ride, fully expecting dad to join us. We expected him to experience the marvelous view & splendor up there in the awe inspiring clouds.

Don’t Wait. Realize What Your Bucket List is.

Here are some effective strategies to help ensure you are taking the time to create a bucket list you love. Interestingly enough bucket lists can be an eye opener, revealing what is truly important to you. Start thinking of the following when you begin to write your list:
  1.  What would you do if you knew you only had a few months to live
  2.  What things would you do if you had unlimited time or money?
  3.  What have you always dreamt about, but have never done before?
  4.  What are your biggest goals and dreams?
  5.  What experiences do you want to feel or have?
  6.  Any countries, places in the world you have always wanted to see?
I personally have been creating ‘Bucket lists’ for many years, and since I put this blog together, I realized in awe ALL the places I’ve actually been to. Great ideas are the ones you want to put on your own Bucket list !

Here is What my Bucket List Looks Like

 – Acropolis & Parthenon, Athens, Greece,   —   Matterhorn in Switzerland 

· Fed a kangaroo, held a Koala bear in Australia, been to Great Barrier Reef

· Camped under the stars on Mount Cook, New Zealand

– Santorini, Mykonos, Crete,  Greece, —  Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

· Grand Canyon & Sedona’s Red Rock, Arizona, North American Indian culture

· Sailing ANYTIME! —- I’m a Cancer, I luv my home – family – cooking & the WATER! 

Dachau Concentration Camp, Munich, Germany,   Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

· Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany,   —   Hiked up in the Austrian Alps,

– Helicopter over active volcano, Hawaii,  —  Marvelled at the Pompeii ruins in Italy

· Colosseum & Vatican, Rome , —  Tuscany, Italy where I would love to retire !

· Sagrada Basilica Church, Barcelona, Spain  —    River rafting, Canadian Rockies

– Snow skiing, tons of water sports,  and even swam with the dolphins

Unique Bucket Lists Ideas to Inspire YouI hope this gives you a better indication of how important it is to take action. Savour your time and use it wisely. Make sure the most important, valuable things in your life become a priority. Have fun building and experiencing your own bucket list!

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