Trusted brands for plus size shopping

by Sierra_Olson
Trusted brands for plus size shopping

Trusted brands for plus size shopping

For anyone that is plus size, shopping is a complete nightmare. Trying to find brands that are consistent, last long, and have good available sizing can feel impossible.

This is your trusted guide to a couple of brands that you can reasonably get your hands on. Varying on price and quality is the key to finding the right balance for your closet as a plus-size shopper.

Starting with better quality but also a higher price

Torrid is a trusted store found in the U.S. and as well as Canada. This store is for plus-size women who enjoy being a little trendy and up to date with their fashion trends. Torrid is very good at supplying things from leggings, jeans, casual dress, to professional dress, shoes, underwear, bras, lingerie, even accessories. They have a great selection of clothing items for every person ranging from great sizing options 10-30.

For those who want to adventure into a Torrid, I say do it. You might walk out with a cute cardigan for the fall or a nice new bra and panty set.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the CEO of Torrid, Liz Munoz and she mentioned that Torrid is something that she wants all women to experience. That beautiful plus-size women always has something to wear for anywhere she is going.

The prices reflect the quality and the love they put into each article of clothing for the plus-size women of the world.

Lane Bryant is also another trusted source that has the long-lasting quality for more mature adult women. This store stays towards a more business causal side of style with of course a few casual pieces.

The clothing ranges from pajamas, shirts, pants, dresses, shoes and underwear, and bras. I have been shopping at Lane Bryant since I realized their bras are very durable and are of a good quality to last.

I suggest popping into a Lane Bryant to see what would fit into your closet!

Next with lower pricing and moderate quality

Stores such as Forever 21 that cater to a slimmer plus-size are a good option when it comes to sizing that is nothing over a 24/26. It also caters to a younger generation mostly women in their 20’s. For those who can fit within this range, the option of styles is endless and Forever 21 has a great plus-size section that seems to expand every time I go back.

Now, this is a lower-end quality due to its very low prices, however, it’s cute little pieces to add to your closets. I would definitely recommend stopping by and taking a peek.

Online fashion such as Shein, Fashion Nova, Amazon, etc is all good places for pieces that are not as easy to try on since they do come from a warehouse.

I have not personally tried Fashion Nova, but I know their pricing is on the higher end, thus meaning their quality might be up to par with Torrid possibly! (Let me know in the comments!)

Shein, Amazon as well as other plus-size stores online are all good options for those who are okay with paying for shipping, as well as not being able to try things on.

Shein is definitely cheaper prices but lower quality and but their clothing is trendy and very cute. Amazon is also a quick stop for those who know what they are looking for.

I recommend always looking at the measurements, and keeping your measurements handy!

Alright, my lovely plus-size shoppers, I hope this gives you a little bit of an idea of what stores could potentially amp up your closet!

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