Dress How You Want to be Addressed

by MissLinda

A Stylist’s Perspective

My name is Linda Nimakoh, and I am a fashion designer, brand stylist, brand ambassador, and influencer. I believe that fashion is really about how we express ourselves. In other words, we have to dress how we want to be addressed. Fashion is how we reveal our styles and colors in different ways and ideas through beautiful clothes. I love to advertise costumes, wears, and apparel, as well as bridal dresses. I always love it when someone gets to wear special new outfits and feel special and elegant in them!

Creativity in Clothing

I am also a fashion and beauty blogger. Writing fashion and beauty articles for branded magazines across the world is a passion of mine. I believe this is because I love to show women across the world how to look their best with simple, beautiful and elegant fashion designs and fashion styles. A piece of advice that I give is that creativity is everything when it comes to fashion and styling. Also, being flexible and versatile with what you want to wear for different kinds of special events and occasions will always make you different and outstanding at these events.

Versatility in Fashion

Versatile fashion styles have more to do with different fabrics and materials. Fashion styles and designs in different colors also add a touch of class and elegance to every costume, dress, and outfit. Fashion costumes, specifically, are usually made out of different fabrics like cotton, nylon, lace, polyester, shivon, tie and dye fabrics, and other kinds of  fabrics and materials. There are also casual wears, dresses and costumes that are made of lighter fabrics and materials in different colors and designs for certain casual events. It is always much more comfortable to wear lighter outfits and clothes during the summer seasons, so these styles are especially relevant during that time.

The Necessary Add-Ons

I love jewelry, too. Specifically, I love gold, diamond, and silver earrings. I love necklaces and bracelets in different colors and designs as well. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets are great for complimenting your outfits, dresses, and costumes for all events and occasions. For instance, when you wear a green and yellow outfit, or a red and black outfit, it is necessary to add some jewelry and accessories to it. Sometimes I notice that some ladies might be wearing some very gorgeous outfits or dresses, but without any jewelry or accessories to add that classy and glittery touch. Accessories like purses, handbags, belts, and fashion caps, among others, are also needed in casual outfits to make a difference. Versatile creativity always brings a whole new touch of beauty and elegance to every outfit and costume.

Makeup and Hair

Proper makeup is also important. My personal favorite makeup brand is Victoria’s Secret and their makeup beauty kits. I also love Victoria’s Secret perfumes and skin care products, as almost all of them smell very sweet. As well, I love their ladies night wears and night gown lingeries. My favorite hair product is olive oil hair relaxer, and my favorite skin care products are Palmers cocoa butter lotions and creams. I love quality and organic products, so I love to pick up the best of the best among these products. However, I also love to try other new quality products from time to time. You never know what new, great products you might find and fall in love with!

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Linda Nimakoh
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” See You on the Red carpet “
” Dress how You want to be addressed “

About the author: Linda Nimakoh.

My name is Linda Nimakoh. I am A Women Empowerment advocate , i am A Woman of God of my ministry, Bethel Empire Global Ministries and Minister Linda Nimakoh Ministries, Find me on Facebook . I am Also A Relationship and marriage Counselor, A Fashion, Beauty and Films coach. I host A Love Talk Show on Godly Relationships and Godly marriages online on all social media Platforms, On Facebook , Find my Love Talk Show on, Facebook, Women Pillow Love Talk Show, Adam and Eve Talk Show, and Time with Minister Linda Talk Show on Facebook and Instagram. I love helping Women to become the Best Version of Themselves through their Purpose, their God given Talents and Skills . i Host A Fashion and Beauty Show online Called " Miss Personality Fashion Tv Show Africa " online on Facebook, Instagram and find me on YouTube on my Counseling and Prayers on " BethelEmpireTv" and also on our Facebook Page.
I am An Entrepreneur, A Fashion Designer , Films coach and A Cosmetologist and A Beauty Consultant.
You can send me All Your Emails of Prayers and Counselling through my Email: Lnimakoh@Yahoo.com
I Believe that Every Woman was born with A Purpose and some God given Talents and i am willing to help as many Women as i can across the Borders of this world. I always Empower women to Believe in themselves and Believe in God, that they can do anything that they set their faith and trust in, through christ. I Also Encourage Women to Support Eachother and together We will have A New Generation of Great Women and A New Generation of Successful Women of Purpose and Great Legacies.
" Women You are Priceless"
" Love Always conquers All "
Linda Kyei Nimakoh
Contact: 001 630 755 1521
Email: lnimakoh@Yahoo.com

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