The True Story of My Career

Yoga for body, mind, and soul.

This sentence has caught our eyes at least once. but have you ever thought why? Have you ever experienced this?
I want to share how and when I have genuinely experienced it; I want to share the true story of my career.

The Beginning

I always have been a practitioner person and worked as a coach in different gyms, practicing and teaching many different workout techniques. As I turned forty, I was finishing my workout and teaching schedule one day when I suddenly felt bored. I touched barbels and dumbbells and felt how cold they were. After a few weeks, I finally decided to quit my career as a coach and left the gym. 

The Change

The True Story of My CareerOne week after quitting my career as a coach, I started practicing ashtanga vinyasa yoga with my beloved teacher who taught me very patiently. Little by little, yoga altered my lifestyle. For example, when I was a coach in a gym, I ate meat like a carnivore. But when I started practicing yoga, I stopped eating meat, which was very strange news for everybody who knew me. Can you guess why I gave up meat? 

All of the asana, or movements, comes from the nature. When the Sanskrit name of asana is translated into English, you will be able to better understand the meaning of asana, making you feel completely different. You won’t be able to eat meat anymore. 

Along with this lifestyle change, it is important to understand that there is a tremendous difference between fitness workout and ashtanga yoga. A difference which I find really interesting. When practicing a fitness workout, you are counting your movements with numbers to fulfill your set, but in ashtanga vinyasa the time you should hold one movement, or asana, is a number of breaths. You listen to the voice of your breath and stand still in that asana, gazing at the drishti point to be more focused. In this stance, you truly are using your body, mind, and soul. Isn’t that amazing?

One of the best spiritual benefits of practicing yoga that impacted my life greatly is patience.

Do you know why patience is needed? 

Because for fulfilling every asana you need strength, mobility, flexibility, and concentration. You can’t get all of these in one day, so you need to be patient.

The Now

Every early morning, your yoga mat calls to you, waking you up and telling you that it’s time for you to enjoy the progression of today’s practice. This progression will give you motivation to keep on and persevere.

Last year I managed to blow my candles of my forty-second birthday on handstand in my birthday ceremony. This year, I have a goal to blow out the candles for my forty-third birthday in a scorpion pose. I’ll do my best to reach this goal but if I fail, I know that I’ll keep working until this miracle happens.

As you can see, another another spiritual benefit of practicing yoga is believing that everything will happen in the right time.

Currently, I find it very satisfying to work as a yoga teacher because I am able to share all of my feelings and experiences, including the true story of my career, with my beloved clients during this harsh time. 

Be safe. Be good.


About the author: Nasim Bijanzadeh

Fitness trainer; Yoga teacher.
My passion is my profession 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️. Strong interpersonal communication skills. Effective lesson planning. Knowledge of anatomy and nutrition. Diploma in painting🎨🎨🎨. Very fond of abstract painting and resin-art.

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