The “Summer” Body

by Mina Weeks
The Summer Body

Summer is right around the corner. Bikinis and hot weather mark the beginning of everyone’s “hot girl summer.”

The “Summer” Body is a hot topic that comes about every single year. With this comes an influx of tips and tricks from social media outlets. “How to lose weight.” “How to get a snatched waist.” “How to get your perfect summer body.”

Self improvement isn’t a bad thing, but pushing a narrative that only certain bodies are worthy of looking and feeling confident in a bikini is harmful and frankly untrue.

Let’s talk about the “ideal” body. The ideal body has changed throughout time, and each area of the world usually had their own idea of what the perfect body is. Some areas pushed “skinny curves” that advocate for big butts, big boobs, and a tiny waist, whereas others pushed for lithe, willowy bodies with sharp angles and flattened curves.

The Ideal Body is Always Changing!

The ideal body has never been universal across the world, nor across time, so why are we allowing a socially constructed beauty standard to tell us which bodies are true summer bikini bodies?

Not only that, but each body will look different no matter what you eat or how you work out just thanks to genetics. Each body gains weight differently, has different bone structure, and different muscle mass types.

It’s genetically impossible for everyone to have the same, “ideal” body, so why do we believe that we should?

Here is how to have a summer bikini body:

Have a bikini, and have a body.

And confidence is an added bonus. Every body has beautiful things about it. Society is the only one deciding we have flaws in ourselves. Unsubscribing from society’s newsletter is the first step in loving ourselves and loving our bodies just the way they are.

Happy Summer!

About the author: Mina Weeks
Hi, I'm Mina! I'm 20 years old and currently living in the high mountains of Utah. I love writing more than anything in the world, and I specialise mostly in nutrition, body positivity, and mental health, though fashion is a total weak spot for me. Since I have many friends who live around the world, I love observing fashion and music trends from different countries and areas of the world. Body positivity and mental health are super important to me, and I love spreading that love and comfort to others.

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