The TikTok and Amazon Fashion Collab

by giuseppitanzi
The TikTok and Amazon Fashion Collab

An Unlikely Duo

The TikTok app is more popular than ever. Even in the wake of its possible nationwide ban, the app’s use has in no way slowed down. Whether or not the platform lasts, however, it is very much worth looking into its small but growing influence. This especially pertains to cheap yet popular fashion. Everyday users and influencers alike have created videos showcasing celebrity-inspired styles. An example is that of Hailey Bieber’s. These have been used to promote low-priced amazon apparel. Often this apparel very closely matches the looks of much more expensive brands.


A trending name for off brand but expensive looking clothes offered on Amazon, but showcased on TikTok, is Dupes. These clothes are often able to convincingly replace more expensive lookalikes. For many this is due to their plain nature. Usually this takes the form of lacking any obvious logos. Still, a number of these Dupes are simply knockoffs. Many of the products borrow almost exact patterns and textures from luxury companies like Louis Vuitton. The differences are hardly noticeable, yet drastically reduce the price.

The Appeal of the Apparel

As one would expect, just as the TikTok platform itself generally caters to a generation between the ages of 10-25 (and that is a very loose estimation), the appeal of the clothing relates to that age group as well. So, interest in cheap yet fashionable alternatives is rampant, and these videos thus garner a vast amount of attention, with a number of users turning to Amazon for their wardrobe needs.

The Future of Fashion?

The ever-growing focus from one of the country’s most sought after consumer bases on this unofficial TikTok and Amazon fashion campaign and collaboration could very well be a fad that ends after some time. However, some believe that this interesting duo serves as a hint toward what the future of fashion will look like, with online celebrities and services becoming consumers’ main inspiration for and gateway to the fashion world, along with providing them just as easy and cheap of a way to buy the clothes themselves. The societal distance between the minds of elite fashion designers and the common consumer is already lessening.
The rising popularity of internet icons and shopping could very much revolutionize the industry sooner and more swiftly than anyone could have ever predicted.
Only time will tell the exciting future of fashion.

Let me know your thoughts!

Giuseppi Tanzi

About the author: Giuseppi Tanzi
I am a college student of 21 years old, and am currently studying communications and public relations at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. I have always had a passion for writing, art, and design, and have immersed myself into each industry. I am an experienced writer, and have received numerous degrees of recognition and awards from my academic peers. As for art, I have been drawing and painting since I was first capable, and have been a part of numerous galleries in my hometown of San Jose, California. I have also interned with Designs by D, a small staging company that focuses on house flips in different parts of California's Bay Area. As a current intern for HBM, I am extremely excited to showcase what I have to offer from a new and young perspective, and hope to inspire others to express their passions and interests on this incredible platform.

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