The Moving Handbook for College Students

by Emily Komer
The Moving Handbook for College Students

Moving is one of the most stressful things ever, in my opinion. I hate moving out and having to move back in a couple of months later. It is honestly so draining. I do not enjoy having to move around 4 times a year. Packing everything up at home then moving it all in, unpacking it again, and then doing that again when moving out. The fun thing about moving out is buying decorations, finding a new place to live, and living with friends. Here is the moving handbook and moving in tips.

The first important step when moving is finding the right storage boxes and bags.

The best thing to use when packing everything up is using extra boxes. When you buy a pair of shoes or receive a package in a box, save them. These boxes are good for putting away glasses, silverware, pottery, and more. Another good storage idea is to buy bags from IKEA and Marshall’s. You can order IKEA bags on Amazon. IKEA bags are perfect for clothes. I use about 4-6 IKEA bags to fit all of my clothes or things such as towels, pillows, blankets, comforters, and more. They save so much room and can fit so much. Marshall’s bags are also good to put things such as laundry pods, shower necessities such as shampoo, plastic cups, bowls, and more.

Another tip for moving college students is to wait to buy decorations and smaller things once you officially move in.

This saves you the struggle of trying to bring paintings, candles, posters, and more. Also, so you don’t have to worry about anything breaking or getting crinkled. There is no issue though if you bring decorations just make sure everything is safe and avoids issues. I recommend putting those items in an individual box so it doesn’t break and pack it last and put it on top.

Lastly, I recommend getting rid of clothes before leaving for college and thinking logically about what you are packing.

You do not need an excess amount of dresses or fancy clothes. Try to pack comfortable clothing but also clothes for going out or work events.

These are basic and helpful college tips I have learned from moving around from dorms, to apartments, and to houses.

About the author: Emily Komer
Hi, my name is Emily Komer and I attend Michigan State University. I am a journalism major and am doing a minor in Spanish as well! I love traveling and spending time with friends and family.

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