The Empowerment of Women Finding Beauty Within

by MissLinda
Woman Empowerment

Beauty Within

It is said that, happy people are beautiful people.
True beauty is the inner beauty of your character. Humility, patience, love, kindness , living in peace with one another and celebrating one another in kindness and in genuine love as women and as a community.
In our social lives, we need to practice not only looking good on the outside , but also having a beautiful soul which reflects even on the outside.
Looking beautiful with a bad character does not exhibit the values and traits of a godly woman or virtuous woman.


Character is everything.
Our character is more highly remembered than anything in this world. Most well known or popular people are mostly remembered by how they lived their lives and their character traits around people. This is especially when in private and with those who know them outside of public perception.
Your character within you can exhibit either good values or bad values, either good energy or bad energy.
Character is more respected than anything else you exhibit or show on the outside.
How you carry yourself and your lifestyle is very important.
A lot of people live their whole life intimidated by others or specific individuals’ successes or advancements in life.

Fighting Negative Energy

Jealousy builds negative energies inside of people and no matter what they exhibit on the outside, the inner negative energy of intimidation, envy and jealousy always comes out from their speech and how they view life itself.
I always say that life will give you what you fight for, not what you just wish for.
You are able to walk in to your destiny and destination not by luck, but by determination and persistence.

Energy in Esteem

So instead of making those working hard to achieve their dreams your enemy, focus on what you want to do and how you can do it best. Dimming someone’s light of destiny through any forms of negativity does not make yours brighter. It only grows your low self esteem issues daily, as you always feel that person is a competition to your destiny.
A lot of women in this generation have such issues going on in their private lives and it is quite sad. That is why in this generation, we are empowering women to believe in themselves.

Belief Against Negativity

Some women do not even have enough confidence to know that they are very unique and that no one can be exactly like them.
They will make every other woman who they think is ahead of them an enemy, and do everything under the sun to destroy them through any negative means and ways. Low self esteem issues in some women have affected higher levels of their character. Low self esteem can never exhibit inner beauty. It only keeps telling them continuously, in their minds, that this particular person is a competition to their destiny. They take it into their minds and believe it, and make some individuals their competitors and permanent enemies for no from within

Beauty from Confidence

Some women show so much false confidence on the outside yet have bitterness from envy and jealousy for other women’s success.
A woman who has inner beauty has humility, respect, honesty and kindness within her.
She is her own competition.
She believes in herself and she believes in her uniqueness.
And she is never intimidated by anyone, regardless of who they are and what they have.
Inner beauty reflects so much wisdom in a woman, and she glows differently in her lifestyle and in her mindset.
True confidence comes from within.

Positivity of Uniqueness

Let your character speak more positivity about you than what you say to people.
Confident women are great generation changers who will leave a legacy of truth to the next generation to come.
Women, don’t make anyone your full-time permanent competitor.
It is not wise and it is not godly.
Believe in yourself and your truth, and believe in who God has made you to be, and as unique as you are.

Being You

Don’t wish to be like anyone. Learn from like-minded positive people who are going in the same direction as you are going.
You are what you think.

beauty from within

Choosing Yourself

The people that most women are jealous of are women who made a choice to truthfully believe in themselves. They become what you are jealous of. They could have been like these low self esteemed women, sitting idle and doubting their dreams, but they believed strongly in theirs and everything about their lives changed.

Standing Together

So women across the globe, let’s change the old saying “Women are their own enemies.” Let’s learn to celebrate each other, support one another, love one another, work together and uplift each other in our daily ambitions and achievements. 

“Together We Stand”


Miss Linda

About the author: Linda Nimakoh.

My name is Linda Nimakoh. I am A Women Empowerment advocate , i am A Woman of God of my ministry, Bethel Empire Global Ministries and Minister Linda Nimakoh Ministries, Find me on Facebook . I am Also A Relationship and marriage Counselor, A Fashion, Beauty and Films coach. I host A Love Talk Show on Godly Relationships and Godly marriages online on all social media Platforms, On Facebook , Find my Love Talk Show on, Facebook, Women Pillow Love Talk Show, Adam and Eve Talk Show, and Time with Minister Linda Talk Show on Facebook and Instagram. I love helping Women to become the Best Version of Themselves through their Purpose, their God given Talents and Skills . i Host A Fashion and Beauty Show online Called " Miss Personality Fashion Tv Show Africa " online on Facebook, Instagram and find me on YouTube on my Counseling and Prayers on " BethelEmpireTv" and also on our Facebook Page.
I am An Entrepreneur, A Fashion Designer , Films coach and A Cosmetologist and A Beauty Consultant.
You can send me All Your Emails of Prayers and Counselling through my Email:
I Believe that Every Woman was born with A Purpose and some God given Talents and i am willing to help as many Women as i can across the Borders of this world. I always Empower women to Believe in themselves and Believe in God, that they can do anything that they set their faith and trust in, through christ. I Also Encourage Women to Support Eachother and together We will have A New Generation of Great Women and A New Generation of Successful Women of Purpose and Great Legacies.
" Women You are Priceless"
" Love Always conquers All "
Linda Kyei Nimakoh
Contact: 001 630 755 1521

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