You’re Not Imagining It — The Bob is Having it’s Comeback

by AllAboutHair
The Bob is Having it's Comeback
There are two distinct ways of looking at a haircut: fun and exciting…or completely terrifying. If you fall into the latter category, you’ve probably had long hair for as long as you can remember…..

The bob, while now a classic, has never quite lost its “unladylike” feeling. Even today, “switching to a bob is a little bit like giving the finger”

Forget about extensions and pastel streaks, two-tone pixie cuts and shags — you and your grownup hair don’t need to go there. A bob will instantly upgrade mature hair that’s blah, wimpy, straggly or stringy to a head-turning look. Not only will you look trendy, but this cut also never ages so you can keep and tweak it to look elegant, casual or edgy with a few styling tricks.
A bob is a short haircut that floats above the shoulders, but it’s all about the shape of that short cut when it comes to finding the bob that suits your personality best.
Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian West, and Rowan Blanchard are only a few of the famous faces who’ve sported the nostalgic trend recently, proving that the choppy, angled bob is officially back — and most likely here to stay. 

Let’s just cut to it: Blunt bob haircuts are the hottest hair trend we’ve yet to see.

Yes, bobs have made their comeback in recent years, but this fresh new take on the hair trend is so much edgier.  

Why the bob haircut still matters after 100 years

The bob covers all the bases –

  • If you’re super classic, keep it all one length from front to back.
  • If you’re a “madly successful business woman” (or want to be one!), add a little stack in the back and additional texture throughout.
  • If you have a little “extra sass,” pair your bob with fringy bangs for a dynamite look that wows.
  • But there’s one bob, that’s dreamy on anyone: Add tons of texture throughout, keep it a little (or a lot) shorter in the back, and let some length fall towards the face. This style helps elongate the face and it’s super flattering.
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