The Beauty of Vegan Recipes

How many of you are fans of plant-based recipes? Notice how your body feels after eating a simple dish of roasted vegetables, served with homemade hummus and a slice of Focaccia served as a third hand. How can this not intrigue your appetite or palette in exploring savory dishes?

Plant-based recipes are rich in fiber, build stronger barriers around your muscle tissues and stabilize your blood pressure.

Nikki Webster, founder of Rebel Recipes is here to help change the mind of some of you who believe plant-based recipes to be boring or superficial. Despite Nikki being Vegan it did not stop her from expanding her curiosity in cooking non-vegan recipes for foodies. Countries in Asia and the Middle -East further enlightened Nikki’s perspective and interests, concerning plant-based recipes. Nikki’s message for us is the following. From a cut of an eggplant, a magical tasteful platter of flavors can spark in your palette. Thus making you dive into a whole new world you never knew existed.

Why plant place products are so special

Now, here comes the question that everyone rolls their eyes around, how do plant-based fans go forth with their diet? The answer for you is simple. Notice how the aroma and texture of a Roasted Orange and Almond cake hit our taste buds and nostrils differently than a traditional Tiramisu. Feel how this dessert can stuff your stomach and be sufficient enough. On the other hand, the vegan cake can be tasted at your own pace and satisfy your hunger.

Why plant-based products are so special? They portray a unique perfume that grows in nature, taking care of the cycle on its own. The fun is in the variety of colorful vegetables, like if they are a reincarnation of color pencils. Consider Lasagna, for example, a typical Italian dish stuffed with pork, mozzarella, and prosciutto of your choice.

What’s unique about the culinary world are variations of foods you can experiment with to invent new flavors. Here’s Nikki’s point below.

Rainbow Lasagne, a plant-based recipe, is a show of colors layered out altogether. Composed of onions, tomatoes puree, cooked green lentils, veg stock, fresh basil, and covered with vegan butter and battered almond milk. Don’t the names of these uncommon products you’re not familiar, intrigue your curiosity?

Coconut Ginger Rice pudding with sticky Roasted Pears

Ever heard that one before? I’ve never been a fan of pudding. Served with pistachio or nuts of your choice and a whip of coconut cream, blowing a stamp in your mouth right away. A warm dessert is exactly what I prefer.  It’s after you taste it, that you realize how splendid it is.

I could go forth with the list, but it wouldn’t be enough as all of the recipes are my favorites.

A slight push of passion and creativity is all you need to come out with delightful flavors and magical dishes.

I hope I convinced you to dive into the colorful world of plant-based recipes, you won’t regret trying!

About the author: Carlotta Proietti
I am passionate about the advertising industry as well as the progressing evolution of social media strategies. Mental, physical health and exercising are my essential priority and what will help me thrive in the course of my career.

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