The Beauty and Fashion of Weddings

by MissLinda
fashion and weddings

The Beauty of a Bride 

Beauty compliments fashion. Every woman is a beautiful, glowing bride on her big day! As a woman, it is very important to take good care of your hair, skin, and overall bodily health. There are plenty of organic and healthy body and skin care treatments for every body type and ethnicity.

Importance of Confidence

My priority in the beauty industry is to help women become the best version of themselves. I want to help them achieve self confidence and positivity inside and out by empowering them through beauty and educational skills to bring out their unique talents. Self confidence is something I teach my students in the Beauty and Fashion Industry Mentorship and my African Fashion and Beauty Pageants. The organization helps them establish themselves in the industry’s many careers. It’s most important to feel beautiful, as these feelings will reflect in your outer beauty!

Makeup and Self Care

Beauty makeup comes in a variety of colors, shades, and quality, and most available makeup brands should have a match for any skin color. Makeup kits will likely come with different variations of lipstick, eye pencil, mascara, etc. Using these in different colors will allow you to express yourself in new and different ways. As well, makeup can be used to mix and match with clothing. For example, a purple or blue dress will match perfectly with blue, purple, or gold makeup. It is also very important to relax and care for your body through spa care. Adequate rest and massage therapy will help avoid fatigue and increase bodily energy. It is also important to get enough sleep and eat well! Manicures and pedicures are necessary too, and it is more than worth it to pay for quality services that use quality products.

Creating a Wedding

The sounds of wedding bells bring so much joy to so many people across so many different cultures. Traditional African weddings always have a touch of class and elegance, and utilize unique and colorful African fabrics such as African Ghana Kente Clothe, African Nigerian Clothe, African Lace, Shevon material, etc. For weddings specifically, while the couple’s favorite colors are always taken into account, they are usually tied in with white lace, which represents a more elegant take on such a special and memorable day.   

An African Wedding

In the traditional African marriage setting, we have ” The knocking marital rites.” Through this tradition, the man will go to the home of the future wife’s family. He will then ask for their blessing. During the knocking, depending on the tribal traditions between the man and woman, a gift for the family may be provided as well. During the knocking season, the man is supposed to collect and purchase a number of items from a specific list. These include the ring and a Bible. The wedding and ceremony then eventually follow. 

Planning Ahead

It is important to prepare clothing, gifts for guests, and location far ahead of the occasion to ensure a smooth and fun day. Food is an especially important part as well due to finding a way for it to best represent the bride and groom, while tasting good for as many guests as possible! Finding cooks and caterers far ahead of time will save you so much trouble. It is always especially fun to get customized drinking glasses, mugs, and shirts, which can be crafted at my House of Serwaah Clothing Line and Fashion Couture Agency.  Marriage, weddings, and ceremonies are beautiful occasions and expressions of love, and I hope this information helps guide you through making such special events as beautiful and exciting as possible.

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Linda Nimakoh

About the author: Linda Nimakoh.

My name is Linda Nimakoh. I am A Women Empowerment advocate , i am A Woman of God of my ministry, Bethel Empire Global Ministries and Minister Linda Nimakoh Ministries, Find me on Facebook . I am Also A Relationship and marriage Counselor, A Fashion, Beauty and Films coach. I host A Love Talk Show on Godly Relationships and Godly marriages online on all social media Platforms, On Facebook , Find my Love Talk Show on, Facebook, Women Pillow Love Talk Show, Adam and Eve Talk Show, and Time with Minister Linda Talk Show on Facebook and Instagram. I love helping Women to become the Best Version of Themselves through their Purpose, their God given Talents and Skills . i Host A Fashion and Beauty Show online Called " Miss Personality Fashion Tv Show Africa " online on Facebook, Instagram and find me on YouTube on my Counseling and Prayers on " BethelEmpireTv" and also on our Facebook Page.
I am An Entrepreneur, A Fashion Designer , Films coach and A Cosmetologist and A Beauty Consultant.
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I Believe that Every Woman was born with A Purpose and some God given Talents and i am willing to help as many Women as i can across the Borders of this world. I always Empower women to Believe in themselves and Believe in God, that they can do anything that they set their faith and trust in, through christ. I Also Encourage Women to Support Eachother and together We will have A New Generation of Great Women and A New Generation of Successful Women of Purpose and Great Legacies.
" Women You are Priceless"
" Love Always conquers All "
Linda Kyei Nimakoh
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