Swimwear Brands to Check Out

by Emily Komer
Swimwear Brands to Check Out

Bathing suits are always so fun and there are millions of different styles and patterns. I love bathing suits because each year there is a new style, pattern, or trending color. There are so many small brands on Instagram but there are also ‘designer’ brands that are more expensive but the quality is there.

I am all about quality when it comes to clothes and bathing suits because they will last longer and you wear stuff more when you spend more money. Two swimsuit brands in this realm are Frankie’s Bikinis and Shop Gonza.

Frankie’s Bikinis is an amazing swimwear brand to check out.

Frankie’s Bikinis is owned by Francesca Aiello, who also creates the styles and patterns of the bikinis. She started her brand back in 2012 and has been very successful these past years. She is also friends with Devon and Sydney Carlson, who created Wildflower Cases which many people know about. They did a collab this past month with one of the new Frankie’s Bikinis designs and put it on their Wildflower phone cases, (buy here). The pattern is called Sister Swirl. I love how Frankie’s Bikinis does collabs frequently such as one with Hailee Steinfield, Sofia Richie, and more. 

What I love about Frankie’s Bikinis is they sell clothes other than swimwear. She also sells dresses, loungewear, sets, shoes, and more! I also love how they release new patterns almost weekly. I follow the creator’s Instagram account and she is always posting about new releases. Something new she released is board shorts which are unisex. Now men can order from this website. 

Summer is ending soon so look at buying from these brands as soon as possible.

Shop Gonza is a new bathing suit and cover-up brand created by beautiful sisters, Sofia and Victoria Villarroel. Victoria used to be Kylie Jenner’s personal assistant but now they are best friends! Sofia and Victoria say they both went to fashion school and they are happy to finally start a brand. Shop Gonza just opened last month and they already have many patterns and styles.

The bikinis come in many different patterns such as Caribe and Caracas. Caracas is the capital of Venezuela and is the country where Sofia and Victoria are from.

They also have plain colors such as vibrant purple, sage green, and they are releasing a brown bikini soon! The Villaroel sisters also sell sarongs, pants, and gloves in the same patterns and colors. 

Buy new swimwear and more from Frankie’s Bikinis and Shop Gonza here!

Feel confident and free in these bikinis. 

About the author: Emily Komer
Hi, my name is Emily Komer and I attend Michigan State University. I am a journalism major and am doing a minor in Spanish as well! I love traveling and spending time with friends and family.

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