Summer’s Hottest Fashion Trends

by Catherine Cardenas
Summer's Hottest Fashion Trends

Every season, fashion trends come and go. This summer, there have been some staple trends that have made their way onto social media and into the closets of younger generations. Some of this summer’s hottest fashion trends will disappear, and some of them are bound to stay. Here’s a list of trends that have swept screens this summer. We’ll leave it up to you to decide how long they’ll stay.

Chunky rings

Colorful, chunky rings have grown increasingly popular. Sometimes accented with jewels and neon colors, others are plain black and white. Between a maximalist and minimalist view, these rings are super versatile and spice up any regular look. 

Crochet tops

A trend that I feel comes around every few years, crochet tops are making the rounds again. The halter-style seems to be the most popular, easy, and breathable and giving off major 70s vibes. These are also available in a multitude of different colors, making a statement with each outfit. Many have started making their own tops, putting a unique twist on the trend.

Cargo Pants

If you’re living somewhere where it’s a little cooler this summer, chances are you’ve seen some low-rise cargo pants around. These pants have a very nostalgic look to them, and definitely take me back to the 90s.

Bell-bottom jeans

I was a little bit surprised by this comeback, but bell-bottom jeans have made their way into the trends again. Oftentimes paired with the crochet tops earlier mentioned, bell-bottom jeans complete the total 70s look. These jeans are flirty and fun, and are a great groovy addition to your closet.

Checkerboard prints

On just about everything and in every color, checkerboard prints have made their way into this summer’s hottest fashion trends. This trend is totally fresh and funky, and is something a little new to fill the screens. I’m no trend forecaster, but I hope this one stays around for a while.


About the author: Catherine Cardenas
Hello! I am currently a rising senior Journalism major at the University of Texas at Austin. I love writing, reading, and watching movies! I'm also obsessed with all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

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