Summer Hydration

by Megan Boswell
Summer Hydration

If you’re looking for refreshing drinks for the summer for that summer hydration, then look no further! I’ve compiled a list of four easy and inexpensive drinks that you can make for yourself and your friends of all ages. Just as a preface, none of these suggestions contain alcohol, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a shot or two of something yourself!

Water (with ice)

I figured that we would start off with the basics: water with ice. It may be boring, but drinking enough water during the summertime is especially important if you live somewhere hot, or if you spend a lot of time outdoors. If you get tired of water easily but still want to stay hydrated, try some of these water flavorings. They’re delicious and low-calorie; what more could a girl want?


If you’ve never tried Tang before, I highly recommend giving it a try! It’s an orange drink powder that is mixed into water. It’s a great way to continue to drink water with some additional flavor. You could also even try freezing the Tang to make Tang popsicles.


There are three ways to go about lemonade: fresh, from concentrate, and from powder. Fresh can be the tastiest, but can also be the most expensive. Concentrate is a more economical way to go, especially if you’re planning on drinking a lot of lemonade. Then there’s the powder route. This can be similar to Tang in that it’s a great way to drink more water without feeling like you’re drinking more water. Just use a lemonade powder mix!

Sports drink

If you’re living somewhere where it’s hot, it’s so important to drink fluids. If you find yourself sweating a lot, it can also become so important to replace the electrolytes you lose through sweating. Hence, sports drinks! Bonus: if you live in the USA, McDonalds often has the $1 any size drink—including Powerade!

What are some of your favorite ways to achieve a good summer hydration?

About the author: Megan Boswell
I am a writer, editor, wellness enthusiast, and beauty lover! I'm a current university student and have a great passion for learning.

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