Study Tips for Finals Season

by payton.mayer
Studying Tops for Finals Season

It’s almost that time again: the time where high school and college students begrudgingly start studying for finals, but this time, online. Studying can be tedious, tiring, and boring–not to mention that if you can’t find the right routine for you, it’s not really that effective.

Here are some tips for a successful school year and acing those stressful finals:

1. Find a good environment.

The library can get boring and your bedroom can get distracting. Try going to your favorite coffee shop (once it’s safe, of course) or a sunny spot outside. Turn up some music if you want! Find a place to get in your zone.

2. Take breaks.

Yes, I am encouraging you to stop studying for a minute. Reading until your brain hurts isn’t effective, and neither is staying up all night to do work. Taking breaks will allow you to return to your studying fresh and clear-headed.

3. Take fun notes!

Whether you use fun highlighters, multicolored pens, or take notes online, making your notes organized and easy to read will make all the difference (I recommend flash cards).

4. Join a study group or study with friends.

A group study session where you can play games with the material, bounce ideas off each other, and overall help each other learn will reduce the load off your shoulders.

5. Don’t cram!

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way a few times. Waiting until the night before to study for a huge test may seem like the best way to go in the moment, but it’s guaranteed you’ll remember more if you space out your study days.

6. Ask your teachers or professors for help!

Pretty self-explanatory, but if you don’t understand something, go ask! It’s their job to help you, and chances are you’ll have a clearer understanding after you ask.

7. Be confident in your smarts.

Walk into a test with your head held high and confident you did everything you could. It will make all the difference if you believe in yourself.

About the author: Payton Mayer
Hi! I'm Payton and I'm currently a junior at Washington State University studying public relations and English. I've always been passionate about writing, storytelling, and entertainment and hope to one day have a career in one of those areas. I'm very excited to be an intern here at Hollywood Beauty Magazine and would love to chat!

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