• Angel Aura Rainbow Coated Amethyst Druzy Cylinder


    Angel Aura Rainbow Quartz radiates with a tender and ethereal energy that fills you from soul to spirit. With angelic grace it caresses you with celestial power that encourages connection with your angelic guides. The gemstone speaks to your supernatural abilities on a personal level and will help you to uncover and recover the paranormal gifts you earned in past lives. The stone works well with all Chakras as well as your Aura for cleansing and restoration. It will amplify all cleansing and healing energies which are around you and can help them to penetrate deeply into your 3 bodies for the ultimate balance in your life. If you wish to find solidarity and harmony in all areas of your life you will find this be a delightful and energizing gemstone. If you want to work with a gemstone that embodies peace, love, happiness and self-confidence Angel Aura Quartz will whisk you away into a Realm of gossamer wings and stardust.


    Aura quartz is a finish created through a vacuum process on a natural quartz crystal, giving the crystal a vibrant and incredible finish that pairs the energy of the crystal and divine metals.
    Angel aura quartz is created with platinum and silver metals.



    Awakening Edition is a channeled work of 79 hand-painted illustrations, infused with the energy of Mary Magdalene, Christ Consciousness, and Lemurian Love Frequencies. Its creation was entirely unintentional and unplanned.

    Includes 79 cards and a small guidebook (87 pages).

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