100 % Organic RELAX TEA Herbs
    passion flower, holy basil, nettle leaf, cardamon, anise, cloves, rainbow pepper, cinnamon, ginger

    Restful sleep is the foundation of good health. Sleep issues can be devastating to overall health and well-being.

    Perfect herbal calming tea for your “ME-TIME”
    Our naturally caffeine free herbal chai, will help you to take time to relax. Sit down, step out and ease your mind. Do our relax herbal tea as a organic sleep tea, drink it 45 minutes before bedtime. This natural sleep aids formula was created for people that have problems sleeping , calming down, insomnia , anxiety and stress.

    Calming and relaxing herbal tea ingredients
    7 Relax Tea ingredients
    Tulsi/ Holy Basil is native to India. It has long been revered in the ayurvedic tradition for its soothing and tonifying effects on the body, mind, and spirit. Holy Basil has adaptogenic properties, which means it helps the body adapt to the effects of stress, aids in the stabilization of physiological processes, and promotes homeostasis. This herbal sleep tea ingredient also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. In one six-week study, those taking Holy Basil significantly improved stress scores, sexual and sleep problems, and symptoms like forgetfulness and exhaustion. This is why is herb is an ingredient in our relax tea.

    Lemon Balm packs a powerful punch; it is notably mood-enhancing, has anti-anxiety action, and can help with insomnia—especially when combined with other herbs. It’s also carminative and will alleviate digestive issues, gas, and colic. Most interestingly perhaps, lemon balm is potently antiviral, and studies have shown.

    Passionflower: This calming and relaxing herb has a long history in South America. And in a recent study, a homeopathic preparation of passionflower reduced both anxiety and sleep disturbances after four weeks of use in sleep-disturbed patients. The study even went as far as to say this preparation could be used instead of psychotropic drugs as a first intervention for these types of issues.

    Cardamom is related to ginger and can be used in much the same way to counteract digestive problems. Use it to combat nausea, acidity, bloating, gas, heartburn, loss of appetite, constipation, and much more which improves a better sleep. This spice helps the body eliminate waste through the kidneys.
    Our formulation was created by European pharmacists to help you to ease and support relaxation. The RELAX is handcrafted like any other Mama Wunderbar product and made with love.

    Tipps for a good sleep
    Follow a bedtime routine.
    Create a calming environment.
    Keep a consistent sleep schedule.
    Avoid stimulants and alcohol.
    Try eating a light dinner.
    Drink relax tea before bed to help you relax.
    Use calming essential oils.
    Get plenty of magnesium.
    Make sure to get natural light during the day.
    Llimit exposure to home lighting during the nighttime.
    Exercise regularly.

  • JOY DROPS – Flower Essences


    Happy Drops – Flower Essences, Hydrosol & Tincture

    Organic Euphoria Elixir Drops
    USDA organic certified: Rose Hydrosol, Lemon Balm Tincture, Fresh Yarrow, Fresh Tansy, Fresh Rose, Fresh Chamomile and Fresh Oregano Flower Essences

    Happiness, feel good, stress-relief*
    awaken your heart with joy
    for stressful moments that make you feel unhappy
    for times that make you feel down
    Lemon Balm and Rose are known “Happy herbs” which are known for their serotonin and/or dopamine boosting effects

    JOY Drops
    A flower bundle in a different form:

    • Organic herbal tincture
    • Organic flower hydrosol
    • 5 organic flower essences

    “Take a moment, just stop, relax and uplift your heart”.

    Tansy Flower Essence can help stimulate a feeling of self-awareness enabling a person to connect with their own personal power and purpose in life.

    Oregano heals energies that can cause havoc in the body due to stress and imbalances. There is a specialized intelligence here that identifies what needs to be harmonized to bring about wellness and wellbeing.

    Yarrow Flower Essence is for protection

    Chamomile Flower Essence is calming to the emotions, and helpful for children as well. It brings gentle warmth from the sun to relax the solar plexus. It releases emotional tension that is held in the stomach/solar plexus region.

    Rose Flower Essence nourishes the emotional heart, making this flower essence an important tool to utilize when we need loving support. It simultaneously soothes and uplifts the heart, mind and soul. It’s supportive for the healing of grief, heartbreak, nervousness, feelings of panic, sadness, emotional trauma, apathy, disconnection and daily stress.

    Lemon Balm is the ultimate medicinal plant for emotional detox and has been used for centuries to “restore the joy of life to even the most melancholy” and alleviate stress and anxiety.

    Rose Hydrosol – The scent has a powerful anti-depressant effect that soothes the nerves, lifts the mood and eases tension of the body and mind.

    1/2 fl oz (15ml)
    Take 2-4 drops orally or in a beverage. Repeat up to 5 times a day.

    Alcohol free (safe for pregnant women, children and with other medications)

    A healthy body will resonate between 62-78 hz. The rose has the highest vibration of all plants. Our body’s energy can be affected by thoughts, people, a toxic environment and toxic food. Everything we choose to incorporate into our life can either raise or lower our vibration. When using natural botanicals the molecules are absorbed via the blood vessels into the bloodstream. From there, the blood carries the flower essence through the circulatory system and through your body, thus enhancing you both inside and out!

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