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It’s easy and free to list your items
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Here's what you get for your fee:

  • A worldwide community of shoppers.
  • A free platform to promote your product and personally connect with costumers
  • Free articles published on the front page of our Magazine
  • With the integration of PayPay, payment is easy

What Do You Have In Store ?

To make your stuff look appealing to the buyer
Here are a few tips from the Pro:

1. The photos you choose make it or break it! 

Good photos are essential to spark the buyers interest. Show your product from all angles and make it look appealing

2. Information is key

Gain the shoppers trust by writing as much detailed information about the product as you can think of.

3. “The Price Is Right”

Price it fairly and competitively

4. Submit an article – IT’S FREE

Did you know that you can publish articles about you or your product on the front page of our HBM Magazine?

5. Promote your Product and yourself in our HBM Network 

Did you know that HBM is also a Social Network?
We process payments with PayPal, an external payments platform that allows you to process transactions with a variety of payment methods. Funds from PayPal sales on HBM will be deposited into your PayPal account.

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