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What is Hollywood Beauty Magazine?

A glamorous matchmaker between consumers and professionals - a free online magazine with integrated network and individual community shops.

There are 3 parts:

Why is HBM awesome?

The magazine is refreshingly cool, because all of the articles are from the members – professionals sharing their expertise, and also real people sharing what works for them.

The network is genius, because people can communicate with each other and find solutions in a group.

The store profits from the transparency of the network – you can learn about the seller and buyer through the HBM profiles.
Each member has the ability to promote their business and sell products in their own HBM online store.

Stephanie Scanlon

My name is Stephanie Scanlon and I am the founder of HBM.
About 10 years ago, I got the idea to share my technical knowledge in the form of a book. My busy schedule as the “Hairdresser of the Stars” in Hollywood gave me little time to write. 2 years later I felt my half-finished book was too dry and boring.

I continued to develop my book idea and worked hard to open an online school for hairdressers. I thought the “dry words” of my book might get more “life” through pictures and videos.
This business idea required a lot of research and as my career was currently in full swing, my time was very short. Years went by with slow but steady progress.

Then in 2015 a light came to my mind – why only my accumulated experiences?

“Nobody wins alone and together we are strong !!!”

I also wanted to give others the opportunity to share their knowledge and present themselves.
That’s how the idea came to build a beauty network for everyone to join in.

In April 2018, I dared jump into the cold and launched the Hollywood Beauty Magazine – a free online beauty magazine to join in “for and from everyone”. A real “forum for the exchange of ideas”

On HBM, all of the articles on the front page and entries in the network come from our members. Thus, everyone has the chance to present themselves and their product in the form of articles, or to discuss issues and problems around the topic of beauty, with like-minded people and professionals in the forum.

Just as Instagram is a platform for photos and YouTube is a platform for videos, HBM is a platform for articles on any subject related to beauty.

Since these articles are not written by paid journalists, but by “people like you and me”, you will certainly find one or the other grammatical and spelling mistakes. I find this refreshing, sympathetic and real.

For beauty professionals, HBM offers an opportunity to impress the existing customers, attract new customers and sell their products.
In the HBM network, anyone can exchange views with professionals and like-minded people and eliminate problems together in the groups, through photos, videos or written contributions.
The store is for everyone who has something beauty-related, or beautiful to sell. 

HBM is not only free but also public – you do not even have to be a member to read through the content and shop in our store.
Signing up, publishing articles, using the Network and listing items to sell – It’s all free! 

HBM offers something for everyone:
From the person who wants to promote his/her business in form of articles in our Magazine and/or sell products in our Store, to the person who is looking for a solution and finds help in the groups of our Network.

I’m grateful for every single one of you visiting us here on HBM.
Many greetings from Los Angeles,
Your Steffi

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