Small Ways to Help Alleviate Burnout

by deeking
Small Ways to Alleviate Burnout

Burnout is an unfortunate reality for many of us. While we try to balance work schedules, school, family and friends, we can tend to overextend ourselves. This, if continued for too long will lead to burn out; complete exhaustion mentally, physically, and emotion, as well as a loss of motivation and inspiration for the demands of everyday life. Here are a few small ways to help alleviate burnout :

1. Rest

Though this may seem like the easiest solution, it sometimes seems like the hardest to grasp. Put time aside in your schedule consistently to rest. Even though work and other aspects of life may seem like they should be prioritized, our rest is imperative to our health and imperative to our performance in daily takes. Taking time to take a nap or to just relax will help us feel a little less overworked, and therefore help us be more in tune with tasks we must complete because we will feel more refreshed and less overworked.

2. Binging a T.V. show

Binging your favorite show or a show that gives you comfort has been proven to be therapeutic. It helps to rewatch something you like because the predictability of each action within the show allows you to not have to think about what is coming next. This is especially comforting in a world where we always worry about the next thing.

3. Venting to a friend

Confiding in someone we trust can help release any built-up emotions that would end up leading to burnout. Through vocalizing our frustrations, we can begin to relax through finally feeling heard and understood. This will help us mentally feel rejuvenated, and by voicing pent up feelings we can create space within ourselves to focus and feel motivated about other things or goals we have or would like to complete.

Burnout is a huge issue, especially this during quarantine. Through truly listening to ourselves and what our bodies are telling us we need physically, mentally, and emotionally, we can begin to combat burnout through methods such as these and to feel more motivated as we continue through everyday life.


Deja King

About the author: Deja King
Hello everyone ! My name is Deja and I'm an animation major in college who just loves to write.

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