Silky Smooth Skin Without Pain

by nikusia
Silky Smooth Skin Without Pain

Permanently silky smooth skin without pain, stubble and without pimples? And all this only with light?

There are many alternatives to the razor for smooth skin.
The modern IPL hair removal deactivates the hair roots with the help of light pulses. The IPL process has conquered the market in recent years as a further development of laser depilation.
We are promised less risks and more effectiveness.
The impression of a harmless variant of permanent hair removal also arises from the fact that there have been IPL devices for home use for some time.

But how does it work?
IPL stands for “intense pulsed light.” The device sends out light pulses and the hair absorbs this light, causing the hair roots to heat up and be deactivated. The treated hair falls out and does not grow back with regular treatment.

At the beginning of the first treatment, you have to shave the desired area. However, this is only necessary the first time and then no longer necessary with each further treatment. Then you use the IPL device and the desired area of skin is treated with light pulses. Finally, simply care for the skin with a body lotion or moisturizing gel. And that’s it!

Completely painless, without the risk of cutting yourself, applicable to the whole body and almost permanent hair removal.

A fundamental problem of this variant of hair removal is that the energy impulses only act on active hair roots, while the resting ones are not destroyed by it. This is why several treatments are necessary every six to ten weeks. In addition, only a very small area of skin is reached per laser pulse. This makes the treatment time-consuming. You should also note that UV light should be avoided four weeks before and after treatment.

For some time now, IPL devices have been available to anyone who wants to depilate themselves at home. But if you stop the treatment with the device, the hairs come back again. To prevent burns, they don’t give off as much energy as professional devices. As a result, the heat is not sufficient to completely destroy the hair root, which is why the hairs grow back.

In conclusion, it can be said that this method has many advantages, but also some disadvantages that you should accept.

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