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Taking Care of Hair

My name is Linda Nimakoh, and I am the CEO of Serwaah Hair Braiding and Beauty Salon. I am a hair braiding stylist, makeup artist, bridal costumier, and beauty brand products ambassador. As someone who recommends and sells hair beauty products, hair weaves, and wigs to my customers and clients, I also often recommend very special hair care products.

The Importance of Hair and Skin Beauty

Most of these products include organic healthy hair relaxer products, hair shampoos and conditioners, and hair sprays. As well, I recommend various hair tools, hair combs, hair lotions, hair gels, hair dryers, and many other types of very helpful hair-strengthening products. Lastly, I will describe a number of skin beauty products that I recommend and sell to my customers.

Knowing Your Skin

Hair care treatments and skin beauty care treatments are very important for every woman. So, I like to recommend certain beauty skin tone color products to my clients from a wide range of tones and colors. It is also important to know your skin type well, as it helps to better understand your best fit in terms of makeups, beauty lotions, creams, shower gels, body oils, and massage oils. Consistently trying new skin and beauty products will eventually lead to finding the best fits for you, so that you can keep your skin glowing for years to come!Hair braiding

The Need to Treat Yourself

Since the daily stresses of life can quickly lead to fatigue, I like to help my clients through my spa health and beauty consultation services to them. Through dedication, clients are able to manage their schedules, allowing them to rest well. With this, they can then better take care of their skin care and body treatments. So, to everyone, I recommend beauty spa centers, massage therapy, manicures and pedicures.


Taking care of yourself is an investment of time and money that is more than well worth it!


A Community of Beauty

Just as I am the CEO of Serwaah Hair Braiding and Beauty Salon, I am also the CEO of Miss Personality Fashion TV Show Africa! It is a great African fashion and beauty pageant show for all women from all different African countries. The pageant is a platform where one can exhibit one’s African values, talents, culture, heritage, stories and unique fashion styles. It is also a place where all African women can meet one another and learn and bond together as great women.

Becoming a Part of the Tradition

Anyone can be a part of this show, even if you are not African. If you would like to learn more about Africa and our cultural values and heritage, this is a great place to do it! This is because the pageant is online, so no matter which part of the world you are in, you can still find a way to engage. We have available fashion and beauty pageants that come up every month from all different parts of the African continent. However, we also intend to set up fashion shows in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Paris, France, and Dubai very soon. 

Added Benefits

Alongside the show itself, we give all our fashion and beauty pageant participants coaching in self branding, beauty branding, influencing, products and fashion styling, public speaking, and show host training. These can all be registered for at very affordable fees, and inquired about at the contact below. At this pageant, you are going to find yourself and discover who you really are. You may even discover some talents, skills and gifts that you never knew you had. This experience transforms women into women of confidence, posing them as respectable examples to their communities worldwide.

Important Pageant Advice

Before and after each show, it is important to keep trying to improve your skills and talents, especially your public speaking. This is because your facial expressions and body language are very important during your stage performances. It is always important to keep working toward success on every pageant stage. Both during auditions and while on the real stage, it is always important to remember that your outfit or dress is the first thing that people usually see, and thus causes their first impression of you. In the case of judges, this is an impression that must always be good if you want to win. Colors are everything when it comes to clothes, as well as beauty products and hair style. The better you look, the better you’ll feel! 

Lasting Words

There is a beautiful and intelligent queen in every woman in this world. So it is very important to not let fear, anxiety or shyness keep you from being your true, beautiful self!

Contact me today!

Linda Nimakoh

001 630 755 1521

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About the author: Linda Nimakoh.

My name is Linda Nimakoh. I am A Women Empowerment advocate , i am A Woman of God of my ministry, Bethel Empire Global Ministries and Minister Linda Nimakoh Ministries, Find me on Facebook . I am Also A Relationship and marriage Counselor, A Fashion, Beauty and Films coach. I host A Love Talk Show on Godly Relationships and Godly marriages online on all social media Platforms, On Facebook , Find my Love Talk Show on, Facebook, Women Pillow Love Talk Show, Adam and Eve Talk Show, and Time with Minister Linda Talk Show on Facebook and Instagram. I love helping Women to become the Best Version of Themselves through their Purpose, their God given Talents and Skills . i Host A Fashion and Beauty Show online Called " Miss Personality Fashion Tv Show Africa " online on Facebook, Instagram and find me on YouTube on my Counseling and Prayers on " BethelEmpireTv" and also on our Facebook Page.
I am An Entrepreneur, A Fashion Designer , Films coach and A Cosmetologist and A Beauty Consultant.
You can send me All Your Emails of Prayers and Counselling through my Email:
I Believe that Every Woman was born with A Purpose and some God given Talents and i am willing to help as many Women as i can across the Borders of this world. I always Empower women to Believe in themselves and Believe in God, that they can do anything that they set their faith and trust in, through christ. I Also Encourage Women to Support Eachother and together We will have A New Generation of Great Women and A New Generation of Successful Women of Purpose and Great Legacies.
" Women You are Priceless"
" Love Always conquers All "
Linda Kyei Nimakoh
Contact: 001 630 755 1521

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