Self-Esteem: How to Build Them Effectively

One of the hardest challenges of building who you are as a person is constructing self-esteem. No one tells you that in a matter of seconds. Someone can take down each of your walls and paint them with evil lies about yourself. No one tells you that the world looks at what you from the outside over who you are on the inside.

Especially the old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” couldn’t be any more wrong. Doesn’t matter if you are thin, curvy, African American, white, female, or male. Words can do some nasty damage to your self foundation.

One tip I can give you is, do not dwell on your mistakes or your challenges.

The things that you think put you back really are not what put you back. It’s really yourself or maybe even others making you think those flaws define you. Those flaws are not setbacks at all for you. They are not something that defines you. Those flaws are there to make you aware that you are unique from others.

Mine happens to be that I love makeup and with makeup! I’ll show the world that it’s something that makes me happy, and makes me feel good. I started a hobby of creating new and inspirational makeup looks for Instagram. Find something you like about yourself and show the world.

Furthermore, building your self-esteem is not something to do overnight, over a bag of chips till the 3 am mentality kicks in. However, this is something that takes time, and patience. Since learning to overcome those so-called flaws that you think you have, helps build the foundation of your self-esteem and effectively. Additionally, if I can give you some advice on how to sustain your self-esteem, be who you are despite your flaws.

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Sierra Olson

About the author: Sierra Olson

I am a current undergraduate Senior at Biola University. I am a Journalism major with a concentration in Writing and Publishing. I love everything Disney, it is literally my second home. I love creating new makeup looks! and I love fashion that works with curvy body shapes like myself!

Here is my Makeup Instagram account: makeupby_sierra
My main Instagram account: sierraaaaa_055
Contact me with any questions! 702-823-9606
I have a passion for writing and all things beauty related hence my interest on HBM! 🙂

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