Say Hello to YOUR Size with RAEWEAR

by Savannah Rubalcava
Say Hello to YOUR Size With RAEWEAR

RAEWEAR is a custom swimwear line for women.

Instead of selling tops and bottoms according to the size chart we all know, (XS-3XL), RAEWEAR is introducing revolutionary technology that makes swimwear YOUR size. That’s right. RAEWEAR uses customers’ photos, implements a technological tool to map out a customer’s unique measurements, and makes personalized swimwear according to the style of suit chosen. Say goodbye to traditional SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, etc. and say hello to YOUR size with RAEWEAR.

Here to talk about RAEWEAR is founder Breanna Rae.

Say Hello to YOUR Size with RAEWEAR

What can you tell us about the technology RAEWEAR is using to find people’s measurements? (Is it newly developed by your team? Has it been around for a while?)

The technology we use to capture measurements through photos has been around for a while. There are a number of companies who have started to incorporate it in various ways. What’s unique to RAEWEAR is the simplicity of the process and the way we are using our customers’ measurements. There is no app download required, no special clothing needed – You simply pick up your phone, go to our website, enter a few basic pieces of info, take two photos (one front and one side), and you’re done – in under two minutes. 

From then on any piece your order from RAEWEAR will be based on your measurements. No dealing with arbitrary sizes of S, M, L or stressing about which size to pick. We handle all of that for you and you can rest assured that you’re ordering pieces that will fit YOU. If for some reason we don’t get it quite right, we have hassle free returns within 30 days. We’re also committed to working with you to adjust your suits until you feel completely confident in your fit. 

When did RAEWEAR officially begin? Did you begin RAEWEAR during the pandemic? (I am so fascinated by the women who have launched their own business during this lockdown!)

Funny enough… I launched RAEWEAR right before the pandemic. I’ve struggled with swimsuits all of my life and had been thinking about the idea for quite some time. In the fall of 2019, I was so fed up with my suits that I decided to sew one on my own. It actually turned out alright and fit me better than the $100+ suits I had bought online. This gave me the confidence to go for it. I filed my LLC on Feb 27, 2020 and signed a contract with a production agency right before we knew what the year was going to bring… COVID posed many challenges but I’m very proud of where we have ended up today. 

It’s such a shock to hear that you have trouble finding swim suits because to me you look like a classic example of traditional beauty. I can see you modeling bikinis for brands.

RAEWEAR Suits Can Be Worn Anywhere

Yea, other people couldn’t believe it either. I bought swim suits from 20 different brands, in the largest sizes I could find, and those swimsuits just wouldn’t fit me well. It was too tight or something was popping out. That’s a reason why I wanted to use real people for RAEWEAR, to break down that stereotype of “traditional” beauty. They’re not super-sexualized or oiled up on the beach. We have models, but they also do other things. One of them is a musician, and one of our models is also a dancer. I like the idea of having real people modeling our suits. 

In RAEWEAR’s story you said you had difficulties finding swimsuits that fit you properly, and thankfully you had parents that instilled confidence in you, so your size in this respect didn’t bug you. What did your parents say and do to make sure you had that confidence? What would you say to a person who feels shame around the size that they wear?

I truly feel like one of the lucky ones. So much of the way you view yourself is formed in your teenage years and it’s tough to see how many people struggle with their own self-image. My parents always encouraged me to be healthy but what that meant was defined by ME. There was never a scale in my house – I actually hate scales. Like sizes, the number on a scale means nothing.

While my mom loved her organic food I ate whatever I wanted. I was active, played a variety of sports and danced but it was because I wanted to- I didn’t have pressure from my parents to do certain activities.

My parents never pushed or forced me to do anything. I was encouraged to live my life in the way that I wanted to and in a way that made me feel good. 

To someone struggling with self-worth, I would say that confidence comes from within. One of my biggest life lessons has been to take time to get to know myself. I continuously take time to be introspective and dive deeper into understanding what’s important to me and what makes me, me. In my day-to-day life this often takes the form of meditation and reflection. You define who You are. You are confident, beautiful, and unique.

Say Hello to YOUR Size With RAEWEAR


On your Instagram I see sketches of nude outlines, do you draw those yourself? Do you design RAEWEAR’s suits? 

Yes! All of our suits are designed by me. I wanted to make pieces that are comfortable and functional. Living in L.A. I hated having to change in and out of my swimsuit if I wanted to go from the beach to grab a drink or bite to eat.. I designed RAEWEAR to be wearable anywhere.. Our suits are durable, supportive, comfortable and classic. You can wear them to the bar, to the beach, to a yoga class – anywhere. And they’ll last you season after season. 

Our suits are made with a material that is quite a bit thicker than the typical swimwear fabric. This provides extra support and stability without any underwire or uncomfortable seams. The suits are clean finish meaning there isn’t any stitching that will run against your skin.

How did you decide on what kind of material to make your swimsuits out of?

Good question! I wanted it to be comfortable, so no extra strings or a top that goes over your neck. You buy a swimsuit just to wear at the beach. Why buy a bra, which is essentially a bikini top, and only wear it at one place? Also, a lot of the material used for swimsuits are so flimsy. You can see through everything!

I went with a thin scuba material for our first suits, that way people will be able to wear our suits for a variety of purposes. 

Say Hellow to YOUR Size With RAEWEARThat’s why we have shots of women out in the streets and wearing our suits with other clothes. You can even work out in it. And when you get into the water, it doesn’t absorb a lot of it. If you’re just hoping in and out, you’ll stay relatively dry.

When I think of wet suits I think of it really tucking your body in, everything stays in place.

Yes exactly.  One of our models is a dancer, and she made this Tik Tok video where she’s jumping around a lot, wearing one of our suits, and everything fits in place.

(Editor’s note) This is just the beginning of RAEWEAR. Aside from designing versatile, one-of-a-kind swimwear, RAEWEAR also represents being a boss in your own life and growing towards new places.

Say Hello to YOUR Size with RAEWEAR.

No need to leave your house and enter fitting rooms. Check out their website and Instagram and get your own RAEWEAR suit perfectly customized to YOUR body.

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