Rich, Easy and Simple Chocolate Mug Cake

This 2 minute, Rich, Easy and Simple Chocolate Mug Cake is the best way to treat yourself! Its simple and convenient and this cake will undoubtedly satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. The first time I made this cake, it was the softest and moistest cake that I had tried. So if you make it, you will not be disappointed. This is the perfect fix for college students or people who just want to treat themselves after a very busy and tiring day. You could even make this for your family or kids and let them decorate their own cake with toppings!

Ingredients (1 serving)

3 tbsp or 45g of milk of your choice (I would recommend whole milk)
3 tbsp of olive oil or butter (melted)
4 tbsp or 30 g of sugar or any other sweetener of your choice 
1/ 4 cup of all purpose flour mixed with 1/ 8 tsp of baking powder
1/ 4 tsp salt or kosher salt
1 tbsp Cocoa powder

You could also add chocolate chips or chocolate shavings to the batter if you want to be a little extra.



1. Add the milk, oil, salt, sugar into a mug and whisk until most of the sugar has dissolved.

2. Next add in the cocoa powder and flour and mix it until all the ingredients have been properly combined and there should not by any clumps.

3.Place the mug in a microwave for about 1 minute and 30 seconds or until its cooked. Or until a toothpick that you inserted comes out clean.

4.Then serve with a scoop of chocolate, vanilla or any other ice cream of your choice, or a light dusting of powdered/ icing sugar or melted chocolate or sprinkles on top. The options are simply endless as this cake can be topped with any thing that your heart desires.


Hope you enjoy this super easy and simple recipe!

About the author: Himasha Suwaris

Hi, my name is Himasha Suwaris and I'm a sophomore at Suffolk University, MA. I am a Philosophy, Politics and Economics major with a minor in Law as well! I love reading and writing, travelling, painting and spending time with family and friends.

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