Plus Size Clothing Overlooked & Underrated

by Sierra_Olson
Plus Size Clothing overlooked and underrated

As a plus-size person myself, finding stores that carry the appropriate size for my body shape becomes scarce. Why is that though? This generation has become very accustomed to eating fast food and becoming more body positive. However, the retail stores do not reflect this change in mindfulness.

Retailers are becoming scarce with plus sizes despite target expanding their plus size section to include a trusted brand, Ava and Viv. During the last couple of years, body positivity and fat acceptance movements have become increasingly popular. Even being presented in culture more regularly. Campaigns such as Dove’s Real Beauty have encouraged women and men to spend more time on their image.

With these movements, fashion brands and corporations around the world have dove into expanding their size ranges.

Only some of the “inclusive sizing” stores such as H&M, Reformation, etc are still not including larger sizes despite the movements of bigger sizing acceptance.

This doesn’t stop retailers from adding something that is coming well-known as the “fat tax”. A tax added to plus-size clothing just because of the designers having to use “more fabric”. Generations continue to become more and more accepting of the fact that women are of all shapes and sizes. The community of those women and men will come together and then “riot” against those companies.

There will soon arise many issues with those inclusive brands then adding those larger sizes because of their “ideas” of what is plus size. And no matter the “fat tax” or having to use more fabric, most of those companies are losing tons of business. By not providing those larger sizes, especially higher-end stores as well.  The companies seem to not consider those who do need larger than an instore 28. Requiring those who need the larger sizes stuck to online shopping. And anyone who is plus size knows that online clothes shopping is a nightmare.

Stores well-known for their inclusive sizing include Victoria’s Secret well as LuLu Lemon is trying to expand their sizing.

However, companies need to expand their horizons and become more accustomed to how the world is looking now, thicker thighs need a larger size, and only going up to a US 18/20 is not going to cut it. Many plus-size shoppers are more willing to give their money to retailers that listened and realized that sizes need to extend past 20 to reach that audience.

As a plus-size shopper myself, and to all the companies out there, please expand your sizes as the shapes given to clothes. Many women and men are shaped differently! Being able to find something that fits our bodies should be a task that is possible. Being an afterthought in retailers will not get the plus-size audience to give them any attention in reflection.


Sierra Olson


About the author: Sierra Olson

I am a current undergraduate Senior at Biola University. I am a Journalism major with a concentration in Writing and Publishing. I love everything Disney, it is literally my second home. I love creating new makeup looks! and I love fashion that works with curvy body shapes like myself!

Here is my Makeup Instagram account: makeupby_sierra
My main Instagram account: sierraaaaa_055
Contact me with any questions! 702-823-9606
I have a passion for writing and all things beauty related hence my interest on HBM! 🙂

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