Papalotl Naturales: Vegan Skin-Care Line

by Savannah Rubalcava
Papalotl Naturales: Vegan Skin-Care Line

Walking into a pharmacy retail store can be overwhelming, so much so, that Lacey Patrick has compared it to walking into a candy store. When deciding on what kind of makeup and skin care to use, the choices are practically endless. More importantly, most consumers don’t even know what’s inside their favorite skin care and beauty products. With a need for all-natural, vegan products for sensitive skin, Papalotl Naturales creates skin-care and makeup products with wholesome (and vegan) botanical ingredients.

How Papalotl Naturales is healing sensitive skin through homemade vegan based products.

Papalotl Naturales is a handmade, vegan skin-care and makeup line. Created by the hands of Chicana Vanesa Gonzalez, Papalotl Naturales was born out of necessity. Vanesa and her husband suffer from dry, sensitive, and irritable skin. Deodorants with harsh alcohol were causing rashes on Vanesa’s underarms, and her husband consistently used lip balms and moisturizers. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Vanesa took initiative and put her skin care, quite literally, in her own hands.

 There’s a lot of need for natural products. I feel like now, a lot of people are having skin issues. A lot of people are having reactions to GMO and synthetic products. We can make products that don’t have a lot of ingredients, that includes ingredients you have in your home, that you can read and know about, ingredients you can quickly research, like coconut oil or shea butter. – Vanesa 

How Papalotl Naturales’ Became a Vegan Skin-Care Line

Vanesa continues,“I started last year during the pandemic. I was going through a lot, mentally. I wondered, ‘What should I do? What should I make?’ and then I saw this Tik Tok video of someone making deodorant. So I started researching it. And I found we spend a lot of money on deodorants and they have a lot of ingredients.”

Papalotl Naturales: Vegan Skin-Care Line

Papalotl Naturales deodorant

Vanesa continues, “I found this recipe. It was a simple ingredient deodorant. I tried it and tested it out. It felt good, so I started making deodorants. I’ve been doing this for about half a year. I started making lip balm. My husband uses a lot of lip balm. He would stack on them, and they would get pricey. So I found a recipe, I stuck with it cause it worked. I started adding ingredients to the lip balms and I thought, ‘Why not make it vegan?’ So I started using vegan beeswax. I found a perfect vegan beeswax on Etsy, and I’ve been using it ever since.”

Vanesa also uses her vegan beeswax for her lip glosses, which you can find on her online shop here!

A list of commonly used, all *natural ingredients Papalotl Naturales utilizes:

Coconut oil:

moisturizes skin, treats acne, reduces inflammation, promotes wound healing and has a host of other benefits.

Shea butter:

moisturizes skin and calms irritation.

Brown sugar:

not safe for facial use as it can cause tears and be too abrasive, but it’s good to use on the rest of the body.

Coffee grounds:

improves blood circulation which can reduce the visibility of cellulite, contains niacin which can help prevent nonmelanoma, skin cancers and other skin growths, helps combat acne, and can reduce the look of dark under eye circles.

Pink Himalayan salt:

helps combat acne on body. When infused in baths can help alleviate symptoms of eczema, acne, and psoriasis, alongside redness, scaling, irritation, and inflammation.

Rosehip oil:

hydrates skin, provides antioxidants. It’s high in vitamins A and C, which helps rejuvenate skin, promote collagen retention, and are essential in collagen production. Contains vitamin E which reduces inflammation and so much more.

*Always research natural ingredients prior to external use. Proceed use properly and safely to gauge your skin’s reaction to any one essential oil, salt, or other product.

Papalotl Naturales: Vegan Skin-Care Line

A Vegan Skin-Care Line You Can Trust

Vanesa Gonzalez and her family use the products she makes. That’s how she knows they work. “I have really bad skin, especially during the summer. My skin gets inflamed. It gets really red, and it gets really itchy. So I’ve used my deodorant as lotion too, and it felt so good. It calmed my skin, my irritation. I launched a vegan lotion that works for stretch marks, and I started using it too. Now I use it all the time. I used my deodorant on my son when he was younger, for his diaper rash. And it worked! I’ve traded Papalotl Naturales products with a friend that makes pommade. She told me she and her kids loved the deodorant. And I just love hearing about how my products help others.”

Find Papalotl Naturales And Get Even Better Deals in Person!

Papalotl Naturales’ products are bringing wholesome, all natural based products to us, making skin and makeup easier. You can find Papalotl Naturales on Instagram and TikTok (@PapalotlNaturales). You can also find Vanesa selling Papatolt Naturales products at pop-ups all across Los Angeles. Make sure to follow her and find her in person; she has a ton more goodies in-person than online. From jewelery, soaps, and candles, to medicated lotions, you don’t want to miss out on the botanical skin-care Papalotl Naturales specializes in.

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