My personal skincare journey – from “Yikes!” to “Wow!”

by neoraireland
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Somebody once said, “Don’t trust any products that are advertised on TV.”

Somehow that stuck in my mind, and every now and again, I check the products featured in commercials against the truth in this statement. Yes, it really seems to be true (maybe for the exception of cars).
And then I realized that my own journey in terms of skincare actually reflects this guideline perfectly.
I went from not using any creams (oh the blissful times of youth!) to using those offered in supermarkets and drugstores. Then I got a bit more discerning using eye creams sold by a beautician. She recommended it because I’m wearing glasses. So I started using eye creams.

In the last ten years or so, my requirements and standards for the creams, toothpastes and sunscreens I used went to a new high – and very demanding – level.

I wanted something that doesn’t contain toxic ingredients.

Just look at the everyday sunscreens offered in brick and mortar shops. Prime example! They usually contain a whole mix of toxic chemicals.

Whatever you put on your skin (or mouth), will be entering your blood stream in less than a minute. Now there’s a wake up call!

Another important preference of mine has been that the ingredients are plant-based and organically sourced as opposed to being synthetically produced in a factory.

I would also always do research to make sure that what I’m buying wasn’t tested on animals. In this day and age, testing products on animals seems very unnecessary and outrageously cruel.

So for a while I was hovering around products that were produced in cottage-industry style here on the west coast of Ireland, locally sold by people who knew their way around natural ingredients. Some of them were quite greasy on my skin so I turned my hand to making my own.This change of tack made me look at the ingredients lists of creams in health food shops and educate myself.

Then I started to gather my own favorite ingredients and make my own products like face cream and body lotion, sunscreen, tooth paste and mouth wash. That helped me keep the skin quite healthy, but it didn’t fight the sign of aging….

Enter – a lady from Canada. She asked me if I wanted to look 10 years younger, get rid of my drooping eyelids and have a better memory. Well, I can tell you that I didn’t sit on the fence for long. I jumped at the chance of getting my hands on those products, and even getting them for less money than usual.

Turned out that these products are totally in line with my principles, and – to come back to my claim at the top – they are not being advertised on TV! Or anywhere else for that matter. They have naturally been featured (unpaid!) in many magazines because they are definitely newsworthy. The distribution of the products is relying entirely on word of mouth – people recommending them to their friends and families after having experienced the age-defying benefits of the organic ingredients.

Every single product launched by Neora is based on one principle: To make people better. Be it people’s skin with those very effective skin care products that are fighting all the signs of aging. Be it their “brain food” EHT which helps improve cognitive function, recall and even the mood. Other wellness products help with gut health, weight management and much more.

Another area covered by Neora’s motto “Make people better” is the business opportunity. Like myself, thousands of brand partners get the benefits and perks that comes with a side business. Many brand partners have made it their main business, fuelled by their desire to tell people about the products and help them feel and look better.

Drop me a quick message if you want to learn more and get your hands on them as well!

About the author: Karin Funke
I'm living on the west coast of Ireland and am lucky enough to be able to work in my business globally (eCommerce be praised!) 🙂 I have a keen interest in the application of medicinal herbalism. From there, it was only a small step to using organic, plant- and science-based skincare and wellness products. It was only a matter of finding them - and I did!

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