Multi-Creative Artist Aldair Maruz

by Savannah Rubalcava
Multi-Creative Artist Aldair Maruz

Aldair Martinez Cruz, also known as Aldair Maruz on Instagram, is a multi-creative artist. A contemporary renaissance man, Aldair sat down with HBM to discuss his photography, sustainable fashion, videography, poetics, and future creative projects. A full-time artist that travels between the Southeast and the west coast (Los Angeles), Aldair is creating his own style with his expansiveness towards the arts. Here’s what Aldair Maruz had to say about his work so far. 

Aldair Maruz’s Photography

“I spend about 4 to five hours photo-editing. I take my time, no rush, no copy and paste, no presets, no 50/50 filter. I shoot on digital and film lenses and edit through VSCO. There’s a need for uniqueness. I want something to stand out. I like a lot of photographers, but I don’t try to copy anyone.”

“I’ve been taking pictures since I was 14. At 15-16 I got 2 professional cameras before I got a car. I only recently starting making clothes.” Aldair has an entire online portfolio (Beauarte) of clothes he’s sustainability remixed. 

Aldair is a successful full-time artist. “If I didn’t have bills- I wouldn’t charge for clothing.” 

He approaches people on Instagram and offers his services as an artist. “I don’t think too much about it. I do it because I like doing it. And when I reach out to people, I reach out to everyone. I’m into astrology, so I’m interested in working with people of all signs. Also, I like to work with all sorts of people, different ethnicities and religions. Boys, girls, maternity, couples, dogs.”

“The clothes I make are based off of people’s interests, since I ask them about their hobbies and likes. It’s also based off of their Instagram profile.” 

So, what is sustainable fashion?

According to the U.N., the clothing and textile industry contributes to overall global greenhouse gas emissions, requires 215 million litres of water for production, and adds microplastics into our oceans. There’s a major need to curb our fashion environmental footprint.

Sustainable fashion came to Aldair when he became disinterested in wearing manufactured clothes. Furthermore, he wanted to help prevent manufactured clothes from ending up in landfills.

“It’s kind of pointless to wear the same piece of clothing as you. I’d rather wear something no one else has. I also tell people how they should wash the clothes I make. That way it’ll last longer.”

Aldair recycles fabric into clothes. “I tend not to buy brand new; I usually thrift.” When making clothes for others, he always asks for their size and interest. From there, he takes the weather into consideration and makes a unique article of clothing based on that person’s personality.  

Aldair’s Poetic Video Series

This multi-creative has already put his videography skills to practice with a preface to his spoken word/poetry series on YouTube. Aside from photography and fashion, Aldair also writes. He wants to prepare himself with material and experience for future opportunities with bigger names.

“I’m planning to do episodes, and other people are interested. There’s going to be episodes [in this poetic series] for each person. It’s going to be about their story, struggles, and goals. I’ll be shooting it, and all the places we’re going to shoot at are going to be unique. We’re capturing shots at places other people haven’t shot at.”

Aldair isn’t slowing down or coasting on his current success. “I plan to get into videography. I don’t know much about it, but I want to learn. And with the right crew that wants to, I want to get into poetry and acting.”

There’s even plans of music videos in the future. As Aldair’s craft and following grows, he recognizes that he can’t act alone. “I work with a team. Jaquan Bell and Adrianna Fields take photos and make clothes. Yair Martinez Cruz (my brother) does photo editing. We all travel in order to take photos and work.”

Where does he see his craft going in the future?

“I’m taking my time. I want to continue making clothes all year round. There’s jumping into videography, but I’m still going to do everything I’m doing. You gotta work with people. You can’t do everything on your own. So, I’m starting to branch out. In case a big company wants to work with me, I want to have stuff to back up what I’m trying to do.” 

“I want to travel, see all parts of the world, and continue to work with different ethnicities.” 

You can keep up with multi-creative artist Aldair Cruz on Instagram,, and YouTube

About the author: Savannah Rubalcava
I'm a freelance writer and editor. I also write fiction and poetry. Send me an email to find out more:

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