Morning Glory Carrot Soup – Your Tummy Will Thank You

by Anja

Does your Tummy hurt?
Do you frequently suffer from an upset stomach?
 Is your digestion not the same?

Hi, my name is Anja ,

Around 6 years ago after the third round of antibiotics to fight off a nasty cough I suddenly felt this awful and indeed very spooky sensation in my upper abdomen as if someone was punching me from the inside. It seriously felt like a wild animal was off the lead and it caused immediate anxiety. The doctor sent me home with a prescription for a laxative, explaining I had IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)

Having said that he rushed me out leaving me completely in the dark with what this really means .

Does this sound familiar to you ?

Doctors still are helpless with these kinds of autoimmune Problems. It is often hard to get an answer to our questions, as western medicine doesn’t yet have enough tools to deal with these issues except for prescribing chemical drugs. Unfortunately these drugs have tons of “Side Effects”. Soon enough these are no longer side effects and we either get addicted and /or our health spirals even more down the hill because of taking these meds..

So what’s the alternative?


I learned a lot over the past years from Naturopaths and Integrative doctors. The most important issue is to keep a variety  of foods to avoid mal nutrition.

Generally it ‘s definitely best to watch carefully what you put into your body (which I refer to as my temple).

Be gentle with yourself is my motto and nutrition is key. But at the same time life has to be fun right?

Everything in moderation!

Well ,…it’s true and sometimes we have to go even further and say  :“ Take baby steps” but even baby steps we can make yummy and delicious. So, why shouldn’t we ?

We have to indulge and feed ourselves with soul food that is utterly important and a fact which we shouldn’t underestimate!

For myself, I discovered that eating eggs and gluten filled bagels (gluten intolerance is always an underlying cause regarding gut issues) in the mornings doesn’t work anymore.

Instead, I began preparing wonderful , soothing soups . They are gentle on my stomach (baby steps!!) and easier to handle for the digestive system.

I prefer making them in large amounts.  They are easy to store in the fridge. Then in the morning, I just take one out heat them up and here we go within two minutes my yummy Breakfast is ready .

Soul food indeed !

You will need a Mixer like for instance a “Vitamix” and some jars or containers for storage

Here are the ingredients for my


Carrot Soup

What you need:

Celery, yams or sweet potatoes, yellow potatoes, carrots, ginger (if you tolerate it), turmeric (important anti- inflammatory), Oregano (antibacterial)

1 -1 and1/2 tbsp. organic chicken  broth powder(as you like), bone broth(I prefer self made)

Salt and Pepper,

You can vary the ingredients but I recommend to for sure throw in a few potatoes to get some texture into the soup.

1) Peel and cut Carrots

2) Wash Celery and cut into 1 inch pieces

3) Peel potatoes and cut into small pieces, so they cook faster

Carrot Soup

4) Peel sweet Potatoes/Yams and cut into small   pieces

5) Skin a two inch piece of Turmeric, and

cut it up

6) Skin Ginger, and cut generously

7) Season with pulverized  organic chicken broth as you like

8) Fill a pot with water and put on the stove .Add all the cut up ingredients and organic chicken broth

9) cook on medium heat for 15-20 minutes until carrots are somewhat soft.

HBM Carrot Soup

10 ) Fill everything into the Vitamix ,process until no more big food chunks are left over

11) add the bone broth

12) pour the soup back in the pot add the bone broth

13) season with Salt and pepper and let it simmer a  bit longer.

14) Fill up in jars /containers and let them cool down before you put them in the fridge.

15) Garnish with fresh Oregano leaves for taste and its antibacterial agents.


For more info about Gut Healing recipes look on my website……its coming soon !

About the author: Anja Freese-Binder

I feel like a world citizen as I ‘ve been living in so many different places but originally I am from Germany, living in the Us / California/ LA since meanwhile 17 years.
I started modeling when I turned 16 , which allowed me to travel and see the world.
Nevertheless I studied communication and graphic design which I finished off with a college diploma in photography design.
I worked as a fashion photographer for a while before I got an offer to work for one of Germanys big networks as a presenter in the morning show.
My interest in acting , which I developed already as a kid performing ballet in theatres never quieted down and being live in front of a camera every morning was a great opportunity to feel at ease with it.
I followed my childhood dream and after working as a presenter for four years I had the chance to get into acting.
I was very fortunate to be so busy.
Sometimes love is stronger than anything else in life and so this time I followed my heart and moved to LA, where I later on gave birth to my two sons.
Soon enough , I was “ Mom” and oh was I and still am I a mom...driving my kids from A-Z.
Versatility never hurts. Meanwhile I added “ Real Estate Agent “to my Resume’
Due to always being interested in cooking a good healthy meal for my boys I got very engaged in clean cooking as well.

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@peepso_user_4077(Mark Hammer CMH)
The broth and ginger with all those cold making foods should provide a nourishing neutral soup-good for indigestion. I have a formula, Digestion Qi, for irritable bowel or digestivitis. It is always more enjoyable to find relief from a good soup.
6 months ago

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