Stephanie Scanlon 
my name is Stephanie Scanlon and I am the founder of Hollywood Beauty Magazine.
I am fortunate to have spent my career making “Hollywood” beautiful – Years of styling “the rich and famous” for countless Red Carpets, Television, Film, Award- and Fashion Shows have taught me a lot. 
But HBM is not about me – it is about all of you. 
My hope is for people to use this platform to ask questions, connect with professionals and promote themselves in the most classiest way. 
Thank you for visiting HBM 
Stephanie Scanlon HBM Founder
Bill Scanlon
Bill Scanlon
Bill Scanlon is Founder of Advantage Capital Advisors LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor in Los Angeles
Bill has guided HBM to where we are today and supported us as our main investor. 
Thank you Bill 


Hi there,
My name is Nicole and I am 23 years old. I have been with HBM as an intern since January. I am currently studying international information management in Hanover, Germany. What I enjoy the most about my internship at HBM is the research work and writing new articles, so that I can pass on my beauty skills and also learn new things. Hopefully we can still learn a lot from each other!

HBM Hollywood Beauty Magazine
HBM Hollywood Beauty Magazine
Kayley Robinson
Hi there, 
My name is Kaley Robinson and I am a student-athlete working on a bachelors degree in Communications at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. My aspirations are to work in the Los Angeles entertainment industry as I have had a long time love for the industry and all its madness! I am a happy contributor of HBM and all it’s amazing production, thanks for visiting!
Jennifer Ruiz
Hello there!
I’m Jennifer, a college graduate from CSULA who earned her BA in Psychology.
I am interested in all things beauty, specifically skin care. Growing up I never had any problems with acne but as i hit my 20’s suddenly it was pimple town all over my face. I am here to explore and contribute tips for beautifully smooth skin & etc. ?
Hollywood Beauty Magazine
HBM Hollywood Beauty Magazine

Brianna Hamilton

Hello friends!

I am enthusiastic about all things beauty…to me its not only a way to express yourself, but a vessel to bring imagination to reality!

Through all different forms: art, design, decorating (just to name a few) then of course, there is also hair, makeup, and not to mention my favorite form of
self expression: FASHION.

Hi there! 
I’m Franzi, 23 years old and live in Germany. I’m almost done studying American Studies and Political Sciences and am finishing my Bachelor thesis right now. I’m interested in all things fashion, especially eco-friendly and sustainable approaches to being trendy. I hope to gain some insights into the beauty business on here and give some helpful tips on how to live stylish and eco-friendly at the same time. I may have some tips on how to cook healthy and stay fit, too. ?
HBM Hollywood Beauty Magazine
HBM Hollywood Beauty Magazine

Jasmine Vora

Hi! I’m Jasmine (or Jas) and I’m entering my final semester of my Marketing degree at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles! I’m so excited to be on the HBM Team – I’ve always loved fashion because it’s a form of expression, and the entertainment industry holds a special place in my heart since I’ve been a dancer my whole life! I hope to work in marketing and social media strategy in one of these industries so I’m excited to make new connections, share my love for fashion, and learn from the HBM community! 🙂

Rukhsora Orifova
Hey there, it is Rukhsora, but you can call me Sora =) I am a first-year student at Knox College, Illinois.  I love running and spending time outside in nature. I am an introvert, who loves being around people, strange I know, but this is me. I mostly write personal essays and poetry, however, with Hollywood Beauty Magazine, I want to try and challenge myself on something different and new. I am so happy to be a part of this magazine, and I believe that I and my skills will grow along with the growth of Hollywood Beauty Magazine. 
HBM Hollywood Beauty Magazine
HBM Hollywood Beauty Magazine


Hi! I’m Ivy, a first-year business economics major at UCLA. I love sustainable products, eating fruit and art museums. As a creative individual, I enjoy innovatively tackling new situations and problems. I’m here to make the voice of users on HBM heard to a larger community 🙂

Ella Wang
Hey there!
I’m Ella, a student from Toronto, Canada who loves to write. I’m interested in everything fitness and healthy living related, especially sports and exercise. I’m looking forward to gain some insights into the fitness world and to contribute any additional tips I can think of! ?