Malvina – An Eye Makeup Empire

by Megan Boswell
Malvina - An Eye Makeup Empire

I had the opportunity to interview makeup artist Malvina about her makeup, lessons she has learned during her career, and her future goals. This is all about Malvina and her eye makeup empire.

The Beginning

Malvina is a talented makeup artist located in Greece whose primary passion is eye makeup.
She first became interested in makeup during her high school years. “It was not about being pretty… makeup just became a passion of mine.” Soon, she found that her skills were useful in the social media and Instagram world. 

Malvina and Her An Eye Makeup Empire

When it comes to the world of Instagram, Malvina says that it’s most important to identify and learn about your audience. “You have to figure out what they want most,” Malvina says.

“There are so many possibilities of looks you can make,” she says.

Malvina’s unique focus is on eye makeup tutorials. “Eye makeup enhances your whole face,” she says, “and it’s easier for me to design and to draw [eye makeup looks].” As a designer herself, Malvina has been able to use her skills to captivate thousands online. And now as a social media master’s student, Malvina is able to capitalize on that skill, creating an eye makeup empire.

Malvina and Her An Eye Makeup Empire

When talking about career goals, Malvina dreams of expanding her Instagram account to something bigger. “I want to grow my Instagram account,” she says. “I would love to collaborate with bigger brands, and to have seminars to teach others how to create my looks.” When asked about the biggest career aspiration she has, Malvina laughed and said, “I would love to perhaps have my own brand one day. That would be the dream!” This brand, she explains, would have lashes and maybe some Malvina-approved eyeshadows.

“I’ve managed to grow worldwide!” -Malvina

When looking at the success Malvina has already had, there is a lot to be proud of. But Malvina says that the biggest thing she’s proud of isn’t quantitative or numerical: “I’m proud of how much my skills have improved over the years,” she says. Of course, she continues, she’s also proud of her ability to “reach way more people” and her success with her “Instagram followers”, too.

Makeup Inspiration

Creating so many makeup looks can be creatively exhausting, especially when there is so much work involved. To find inspiration, Malvina says that she looks to the explore page on Instagram or to other makeup artists. “There’s a whole community of artists,” she says, “and I like to look at what they’re doing to help inspire me with my own looks.” Additionally, Malvina finds inspiration in her personal life—like heart looks when she’s in a relationship, or stormy or sad looks when she’s had a breakup. “I use makeup to express how I’m feeling,” she says. “It helps me feel better.”

Malvina and Her An Eye Makeup Empire

Certainly, it’s not easy creating an empire on social media. But Malvina says that above all, it’s important to not give up. “There are times where I thought ‘I don’t know if this is going to work’, and that’s hard. You want success so badly, and if you give up, it’s game over,” she says. Right now, Malvina works two jobs—her online Instagram account and a regular day job—and it’s hard! “Yes, that’s hard,” she says, but her goal is to combine the two and create her own dream job.

Hard Work

When creating content, Malvina highlights how important it is to have the right motivation: “Don’t be selfish,” she says. “Create what they [your audience] want to see.”

Ultimately, this is to the benefit of the creator. “Create content based on the needs of your audience and you will see results,” she says. “Your page is not just about you,” she continues, “it’s about your audience, too. Engage with them and communicate with them.”

Malvina and Her An Eye Makeup Empire

“If you work hard, you will see results.” -Malvina

“It’s not just about you, it’s also about your audience.”

At the end of the day, Malvina wants her audience and others to know just how much work it takes to do what she does. “It takes so much sacrifice,” she says. “Creating content takes time and it takes sacrifice. Sometimes I can’t go out with friends or I can’t go out on a date because I’m busy creating a look for my audience,” she continues.

“But,” she says, “it’s a choice. This is my passion; that’s why I sacrifice.”

The Future

When looking towards the future, Malvina is optimistic. “The future ahead is bright,” she says, “and I’m ready to achieve my goals.”

It was such a joy to interview Malvina and see her passion for her industry first-hand. To see the incredible artistry of Malvina and her eye makeup empire, check out her Instagram account at @make_malvina_up

Malvina and Her An Eye Makeup Empire

Photos provided by @make_malvina_up

About the author: Megan Boswell
I am a writer, editor, wellness enthusiast, and beauty lover! I'm a current university student and have a great passion for learning.

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