Makeup Trends of 2021

by spicysoph
Makeup Trends of 2021

After spending what felt like forever in quarantine with minimal makeup, I’m sure we all can’t wait for an excuse to get dolled up looking out best! The trends of 2021 are very fun, bold, and bright.

Whether it’s fashion or beauty, the experts are telling us that “colorful” is the look of the season.

As Fashion designers declare the 60s as one of the biggest trends of the season, beauty experts decide to go back just a little more and bring back that “Hollywood glam” 50s makeup. This summer we will be seeing a lot of bold eyebrows, statement lips, and pastel eyeshadows.

Bold eyebrows first became popular in the 1950s. Celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor are great examples of adopters of this trend. The “statement lips” was also popularized in the 50s and red was the favorite! Although pastel shades of eyeshadow were also first introduced in the 50s, the trend wasn’t at its peak of popularity until the 70s. What other trends are hot this summer? Here is some looks trend forecasters are loving:


The natural glowy sun-kissed skin look is amongst one of the most well-liked make-up trends. This minimalistic look isn’t only easy to execute, but it is also pretty cost-effective. Illuminating primer, moisturizer, tinted face oil, creamy blush, brow pencil, aluminizing highlighter, and brow gel are all you really need. Glossier is a great brand to accomplish this fresh-faced look. RMS Beauty Living Luminizer is a popular Dewey highlighter that works wonders. Applying some of this highlighter to your eyelids will really complete the look.


Supermodel Twiggy first started this trend in the 60s. Britney Spears brought it back in the 90s, and now here we are again. This makeup seems a little bit more complex when you think about it, but youtube has made it so easy for us to learn basically anything and so, the look isn’t as unreachable as you may think! Here is a summary of how to accomplish the look successfully: Start off with putting a little bit of water on your lids and then use your eyeshadow primer to prep your lids and remove excess oils, use liquid eyeliner to get the precise shape you want and then find your crease and draw a line. For a little bit of extra dramatization, add some colored eyeliner on your bottom lid too!


Monochrome has been a trend since 2020 that seems to have come into 2021 with us. We love the colorful power suits and outfits that we have been seeing so far, but let’s just take it one more step further and match our eyeshadow and lips with our outfits.

I hope you guys enjoy the latest trends as much as I do! – SpicySoph 

About the author: Sophia rahimi
I am a freelance fashion stylist, blogger, and content creator. If you are interested in topics such as current trends, beauty, and lifestyle, tune in for my blog posts! I will be giving tips and tricks on how to look and feel your best including shopping, skincare, and more! Creating creative content no matter the form is a passion of mine, and I hope my articles successfully deliver my enthusiasm!

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