Look Stylish this Summer with a mask

by Carlotta Proietti
Look Stylish this Summer with a mask

 COVID-19 is making its final stretch becoming in existence in some parts of the world. As a matter of fact, masks are still advised in different locations. For some people, the mask has become part of themselves, representing their appearance.

Masks are sold in different fabrics and some are textually designed to personalize them.

Face masks became a style. Now that summer is here many people refuse to wear them but forget one thing.

Your mask is an attire you can combine with your outfit as you like it.

Match outfits with your mask 

Create your own mask be, spontaneous and wear it with outwear that couples up with your color clothes. This way people will look at you differently, surprised by your idea of using the mask efficiently.

Pick a breathable fabric 

There is nothing better than walking on the beach with a mask on and being able not to suffocate under the sun. This way you are free to enjoy your daily walks with no hesitance of removing your masks every second to wipe out your sweat.

Match your makeup

Summer is about going all out with extravagance and entertainment. By wearing your mask and the attention shift to your eyes expressing more of the attention and awareness with makeup on. Matching your makeup with the fabric color of your mask makes your charms appear unique and fascinating.

Style up your hair

Summer is not the right season for girls especially to keep their hair out of the leash. Pulling up your hair, braiding, adding clips or accessories definitely completed your look together with the mask. Masks overshadow your face from showing yourself, so adding a pinch of brightness with accessories or going to a hairdresser to spice it up, is an accomplishment.

There is no fun in wearing the mask if the hair is not considered wisely.

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your masks this summer. Let’s make this nightmare come to an end and push all the way through but showing self-confidence and making the right decision to achieve the best result.

About the author: Carlotta Proietti
I am passionate about the advertising industry as well as the progressing evolution of social media strategies. Mental, physical health and exercising are my essential priority and what will help me thrive in the course of my career.

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