Think twice before you buy that lipstick

by feelfree-nadja
Think twice before you buy that lipstick

Do you think about toxic chemicals in lipsticks, creams or make-up?

Do you rely on the manufacture that the ingredients in your cosmetics are being tested and save?

The fact is, even if this were the case, there is still the danger of ingredients that have not yet been sufficiently researched. Unfortunately they are already being used in our cosmetics. The negative side effects may only be exposed years later, to show, how toxic or genetically damaging these ingredients are.

Beware of products from China:
In some Chinese factories, the same chemicals are used to produce lipstick as for the production of wall paint!

China may use ingredients that are banned in the US.
Remember, someone who applies a lipstick regularly and several times a day, swallows a whole lipstick in the course of a year.

That’s about 3 – 5 grams per year, that makes about 3 kilograms in a lifetime. Because of that, the product should be of high quality or edible.
Additives in lipstick provide the right color shade and durability of the color. In a variety of lipsticks are halogenated organic substances that often come from the color pigments of the nuances. Many of these compounds can trigger allergies. Apart from that, our lips have no sebaceous glands and by moistening with saliva they are likely to crack and thus provide fertile soil for microbial infections. It should therefore be self-evident that a lipstick impresses not only by its beautiful color but also by its care quality.
Preferably buy natural cosmetics – pay close attention to the respective certificates and let yourself, if necessary, give the ingredient list. (you can look them up online)

Plant extracts e.g. from Ayurveda, peptides and hyaluron act as true magicians, bring their lips in shape, prevent the formation of lip wrinkles and smooth rough areas. All that without parabens, paraffins, silicones and hormones. Also very important is the following :

All without animal experiments

Have a beautiful day,

About the author: Nadja Sandmann
In 1993 for the first time I took the risk of starting my own business with a ladies fitness studio in Germany. I know the problem areas of women very well. Due to my first pregnancy and out of my guilty conscience I sold my studio in 2004. At some point I felt that this was not enough. I need to change. As a result I continued to educate myself as a non-medical practitioner in distance learning and in 2012 I founded my own practice. I quickly realized that I would like to contribute to the beautification of the people and specialized in invasive procedures such as wrinkle injection, grease splashing, thread lifting and so on. It also benefits me there my specialty: body language of the organs. In 2017 I joined a network company called Juchheim as an independent consultant for effect cosmetics, effect food, detox program and a unique metabolic treatment. I was surprised that in the middle of 2018 finally cannabis is offered. This rounded off my overall package in my practice. I feel comfortable with it and I am happy to help people achieve more beauty inside and outside, success and financial freedom. But my fable is also true to the spiritual path. I offer aura in my practice.

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