Lemon Juice Benefits

by Emily Komer
Lemon Juice Benefits-

Lemon juice is so delicious and lemons are in a wide variety of recipes and home remedies. I personally love lemon juice so much and it is so yummy. Lemon juice has so many benefits and can be a cure for many different diseases and more.

One lemon juice benefit is how it has huge amounts of vitamin C. The easiest way to get the vitamin C from a lemon is to juice it or cut into slices, then squeeze the juice into water.

A whole lemon is about 18 mg of vitamin C. We need about 90 mg each day, at least.

Lemon water is also so delicious and is good for weight loss, but it also slows down period flow- if you need it to lessen because of swimming, etc. Fun fact, the peel of the lemon is the part with the highest amount of vitamin C.

Lemon juice benefits our immune system.

Not just because it has vitamin C but it helps with certain cancers, heart disease, and blood pressure. The more lemon juice that is consumed, the lower the blood pressure is in a subject. There is no research to exactly determine why this happens but as long as it works, that is what’s important!

Cancer is a horrible disease, still with no cure. A study shows that lemon juice is effective in diminishing the growth of leukemia cells. The flavonoids in lemon juice are high in antioxidants which interfere with the spread and growth of the cancer cells. Flavonoids make lemons yellow.

Back to the lemon juice home remedies- let’s find some fun things to make with lemon juice. Lemon juice benefits the immune system and it has been used to cure the common cold. One way to drink it is by squeezing fresh lemons into a cup, then throwing the slices inside. This allows the flavor to keep increasing and it is very healthy. Then, add honey and ginger. Honey and ginger are very good for the human body and very tasty as well.

Be careful to not consume lemon juice everyday if you get migraines easily and to prevent the enamel on teeth from eroding drastically.

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About the author: Emily Komer
Hi, my name is Emily Komer and I attend Michigan State University. I am a journalism major and am doing a minor in Spanish as well! I love traveling and spending time with friends and family.

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