I used to let time define me

by tyellenbogen
I used to let time define me

Most everyone has a love-hate relationship with the inevitable changes in their realities.  

We transition from childhood to adulthood, outgrow friendships, and redefine our sense of enjoyment. Nevertheless, there is a necessary change and brevity to our lives that make it so beautiful.

Without such a wide scope of human experience and an acceptance of our limited time on earth, life wouldn’t be as valuable.

I struggled with this concept until now. For severals years I let time define me.
I thought about what the future held. Consequently, I often overlooked the present I was living in. Furthermore, I was blinded by the fear of losing what I had. I ended up never truly appreciating it because of that fear. This mindset began to affect my relationships with other people.

I ask myself: “What will I do when they’re gone?” but rarely: “What can I do to enjoy my time with them now?”

Looking back on these relationships, I realize how greatly my apprehension hindered my ability to live in the moment and savor the final memories I had with those people.

This was the inspiration behind my latest single, “See You Again.”

The song conveys the sense of frustration and loneliness I felt upon realizing the mental game I’d fallen victim to. The lyric “So scared to lose you that I saw right through the time that we had” embodies the message I want to convey in the song. With this song, I explored my obsession with the future. As a result, it led me to premature grief. I hope listeners can relate to my experience with this song. I want them to use it to live more freely. And to no longer let time define them.

If you’d like to listen to my story in music form, stream “See You Again” here (https://tyellenbogen.fanlink.to/see_you_again). I released the single in the past year. You can find it on my Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/artist/6QaBnz9apngq9lMU2G9KLj?si=uL2ts29jRZuvvPpma33pVg) or Apple Music (https://music.apple.com/us/artist/ty-ellenbogen/1526963000) profiles.

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