How Will the Pandemic Influence Our Lives Post-Covid?

by mikaylastiff
How Will the Pandemic Influence Our Lives Post-Covid?

How will the Pandemic influence our lives?

There is a lot of speculation surrounding how the pandemic will influence our lives when we reach the end of Covid-19. Many are frustrated and want an escape from their current realities. Others are content living at home in solitude (some thrive that way!). Personally, I fall with the latter group. Our hopes for what the future will bring varies from person to person.How Will the Pandemic Influence Our Lives Post-Covid?

As a college student living during the pandemic, life is altered during the most formative years of adulthood. So many life-altering decisions happen to people in their 20s. This pandemic will play a major part in how we reminisce on the “old days” in 2050. I just hope that by that time, we will have an educated perspective and can see the good that 2020 has brought us.

I was talking to my roommates this morning in our Airbnb – because the dorms are closed – about what it will be like after the pandemic.

Soon we realized that the virus’s influence would depend on how we move forward and embrace change after the pandemic.

We agreed that it could go one of three ways:

1. Social Mayhem. Since we are experiencing a time of isolation and caution around others, most people have built up the anticipation of being in person with friends. This is where bucket lists are written, future plans are set up, and dreams of what life could look like are at the forefront of our minds every day. For anyone who is waiting eagerly to throw a party or host an event, you will probably explode once state mandates are lifted. You might already be secretly doing these things. In the social mayhem option, we agreed that the world would reinstate every social gathering and in-person activity, to ensure global contact three times over. Basically, the world will buzz and it will be the most hectic time of the century.

2. Government Lockdown. The second option we came up with is also extreme. Say, a vaccine is created and distributed globally, but it has negative effects. Or, a vaccine isn’t discovered, and societal divisions escalate. I know… this is super dramatic. This option basically consists of the people fighting back against governmental mandates, which we have seen some of, and it intensifies into a civil war. All we know is that our country is experienced in rioting and fighting for our rights. Now, this is far fetched, but with the Presidential Election coming up, and with tensions running so high, it really depends on how the future president will handle Covid-19 in the US… and the second wave.


The last option for how the pandemic will influence our future is more hopeful.

3. Herd Immunity. With the vaccine seeming to be a far reality, we will probably reach herd immunity before we get one. Herd immunity is the indirect protection from the disease. A large number of a population is exposed to the disease, making more people immune, and therefore reducing the chances of infection for someone who is not immune. Countries like Sweden quickly opted for this controversial approach to Covid-19. They have one of the highest death rates from the virus in the world. Although our efforts in the US extended to avoid such a high death toll in our country, we might reach herd immunity before a vaccine is discovered. In this case, our businesses will open to full capacity and our routines will fall back into place. Yay!

Looking back, these three options that we came up with are pretty pessimistic. We really have no way of knowing what will come after the virus, or how it will eventually end, but we can hold onto the hope that it will.

The influence of Covid-19 will be behind us just like all the pandemics before it.

There are several ways it could all go down. The main difference that we agreed on would be the availability of online resources for every event. 

What would we have done without the internet? I’ve never been so thankful for it in my life. After such a long period of using video conferencing, we believe that work, school, and social events will be offered in an online format by default.

We know this for sure: we will always be able to connect with one another. No matter what happens in the future, my hope is that the end of this pandemic is near. Our world will be stronger for it.

Check out this book of poetry about life in isolation. All proceeds go to organizations on the frontlines of the pandemic!

Let me know your thoughts on the future post-Covid!

About the author: Mikayla Stiff

I am a college student in Los Angeles studying Screenwriting at Biola University. Storytelling is my passion. The best part about it is that it can be done with all sorts of mediums of expression! I love to tell stories through writing and dancing. Growing up overseas in Guatemala and Spain has given me a greater understanding of the world, as well as a love for travel and exploring. I find that I am most inspired when I am in a new place. I believe that every person and place has a story that is worth telling. As an intern for HBM, I am excited to exercise my writing and showcase my work! I hope to inspire others to share their story through platforms such as this one.
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