How to Treat Sunburns at Home

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Summer? For me it’s “sun”. This is something that is loved by some people and often avoided by others. its important to know how to treat Sunburns at home. If you are light skinned, the sun would be a perfect way to get a tan. But anyone can get sunburnt regardless of what their skin color is. And this isn’t always healthy because getting sunburnt can be harmful to your skin. It’s impossible to enjoy the summer without being in the sun and at the same time it’s also impossible to not get sunburnt.

Sunscreen is key when it comes to minimizing and even preventing sunburns. Regardless, it’s important to know how to treat a sunburn or how you can reverse your tan. Here are some ingredients that will help you treat sunburn from the comfort of your home.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is great for sun burns because it helps relieve pain and redness by reducing inflammation. The gel is also known to stimulate the production of collagen which accelerates and aids the healing process. Aloe Vera is very cooling and will provide you with instant relief by soothing the skin if you have bad sunburn.



Bees Honey is just as good as any other home remedies when it comes to treating sun burns. This golden liquid will effectively moisturize the skin while healing the sun burn. honey can be easily found in many homes so you can easily treat Sunburns at home. It does this once honey is being absorbed into the skin, its will bring down any swelling and redness. Honey has healing properties that provide all the nutrients that are essential to repair broken or damaged tissues. Its antibacterial properties serve to eliminate the risks of getting any infections. Honey also helps to fix any uneven skin tones.



This amazing root contains natural anti- inflammatory properties that can ease the pain of sunburned skin. And this will help soothe your skin. It will also rejuvenate your skin by treating uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation to restore your skin’s natural glow. Turmeric can be used in a face mask, mixed with other ingredients such as honey and yoghurt. However, if you have a very light or pale skin tone then turmeric can stain your skin and make it yellow. This mask would benefit people of a brown or darker skin tone. Turmeric can also be used through the form of creams, essential oils, etc.


Oat milk-

The anti-inflammatory properties of oatmeal make it a very popular ingredient in a lot of daily moisturizers and lotions. To help soothe a sunburn with oatmeal, draw yourself a cool bath and pour some oats in. This is very soothing and will heal sunburns effectively whilst moisturizing and restoring your skin barrier.


These simple home remedies and ingredients will undoubtedly help heal your sunburns whilst moisturizing and replenishing your skin.

About the author: Himasha Suwaris

Hi, my name is Himasha Suwaris and I'm a sophomore at Suffolk University, MA. I am a Philosophy, Politics and Economics major with a minor in Law as well! I love reading and writing, travelling, painting and spending time with family and friends.

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