How to Get Your Groove Back This Summer

by Lana Mehran
How to Get Your Groove Back This Summer

2020 was one heck of a tough year for all of us around the world.

Now that we have the freedom to get a vaccine and make things safer than last year, this summer could feel somewhat normal again. This summer we will get to spend time around friends and family outdoors and indoors (if vaccinated). Moreover, booking a hotel for a staycation or even a road trip can benefit from your change of scenery.

Time to spoil yourself

How To Get Your Groove Back This Summer

– Plan a picnic with your friend(Tip: get a Picnic basket with everything in it!)
– Go to the beach with a group of friends for beach volleyball
– Watch the sunset with your favorite people
– Wine & cheese night
– Play tourist in your hometown
– Spa Day!
– Try a new fitness class
– Get an Airbnb with family or friends
– Support your local restaurants

It is important to do things outside your comfort zone and staying sane after what the world went through last year.

I always believed human interaction was essential.

Especially after experiencing the pandemic I learned to never take those little things life has to offer for granted. We have to make the best of everyday as cliché as that sounds. 

I never thought it would one day be almost impossible to just simply leave the house, visit a friend, or just go dancing at a club.

Our only hope was keeping busy at home whether it was working from home, watching almost everything on Netflix, seeing friends with the help of social media, and interacting with our family through FaceTime.

Staying home was the only way we could fix things wherever we were until this year with vaccines. With the help of vaccines, we are able to have a little bit more fun this summer compared to summer 2020.

It is important to keep your mental health intact and try to push for a change of routine after a very tough year. Keeping busy by doing activities, exploring, and getting to see people safely will make things easier.

About the author: Lana Mehran
A Fashion Editor and Stylist with a BA in Communication Studies from Cal State Northridge. Expertise in all things fashion, beauty, pop culture, and wellness. As someone who identifies as third-cultured, I love mixing my diverse background in my writing, art, and fashion. Being from the Middle East and having the Western mix has made me embrace the woman I am.

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