How to Bounce Back in Difficult Times

How to Bounce Back in Difficult Times…

We’ve All Been There

Learning how to bounce back & overcome a difficult situation can be tough. There you are strolling thru your daily routine sipping, your morning latte, joking with your co-workers while you work, visiting friends, or spending time at the cottage with family, loving life. You are experiencing a normal, well planned daily routine and looking forward to exciting future adventures. Life is good!

And Then, Like a Bolt of Lightning, Something Strikes You Down…

A negative impact that is so powerful decides to land on your lap, no one else’s. It’s like a sudden wake up call occurs without any warning that changes your emotional equilibrium and mental state. It has the potential to devastate your emotional well being and affect many areas of your life if you allow it to.

Our Lives Can Change in an Instant.

A sudden traumatic car accident, loss of a job, break up of a relationship, serious health issue, or a death of a loved one. We all experience these stressful events because it is part of life. It is never easy to overcome these challenges. Trying to adjust to these events for the majority of people is extremely stressful because our lives have an element of being completely planned out.

In fact 80% of our lives are patterned as such which creates balance and control. So, it is easy to understand that when a negative situation occurs our very first reaction is automatic, negative.

We Do Not Respond, We React

We become fearful not knowing what is going to happen, the loss that could inevitably occur and the changes that may very well take place. Statistically when we become fearful we automatically switch over to the ‘other side’. We become negative. We focus entirely on negative thoughts completely forgetting there is another side to the story. Fear, doubt and worry become our ‘norm’ until we decide to take control of the situation. We have all learned thru personal experiences that we know we must adapt to the changes and continue moving forward. This is easier said than done because we have to learn to adjust and navigate thru these events as it is entirely our choice.

I cant control when or if something bad happens. It is out of my hands and no amount of worrying will prevent it. But, I can control how I respond to the world around and myself

Focus on What You Can Control, And That is Your Own Thinking.

No one can control your thinking but you.

The thoughts you originate create your emotions and it is those emotions that change your mental state which will affect your actions and inevitably your results. A big part of how you cope with negative situations is this powerful trait: it is being resilient.

Having resilience makes the uncertain things that happen to us in life more certain.

Being resilient enables us to live a life that is based on choice, based on our thoughts & actions rather than be at the mercy of chance or habit. Charles Swindoll demonstrates this very well in his quote:

“People who soar are those who refuse to sit back, sigh and wish things would change. They neither complain about their lot in life nor passively dream of some distant ship coming in. Rather, they visualize in their minds that they are not quitters, they will not allow life’s circumstances to push them down and hold them under “

For all those that are undergoing a dramatic change in your life take control of your thoughts, become resilient & overcome adversity.

Learn, grow, adapt and prosper. No matter what happens you can always bounce back. Resilience is how we bounce back in difficult times. We are resilient and made to thrive.

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