How to attract prosperity in your life

by Lori Gradley
How to attract prosperity in your life

The road to prosperity is not a highway.

You have to mold your life and create your goals as you go along. If you want prosperity in your life you have to first know what it is. Prosperity is having more than enough, vital to your survival. Prosperity and abundance is a higher state of consciousness & gratitude. It is NOT being dependent on one thing ie: money, a car, a home, a relationship, a job, material things etc. Its about being balanced in all areas of your life each and every day. Being prosperous are those individuals who have a goal and are diligently working towards it.

“Prosperity is abundant, affluent with a mindful life balance”

Prosperity thinkers have a natural balance in their life. They identify the 7 key areas of life, each vitally important as the other for sustained happiness. 7 key life areas:







-recreation/time off

Rarely do you find an individual with perfect balance in each one of these life categories which may be one of the reasons so many are left unhappy and unfulfilled.


How balanced is your life?

Prosperity thinkers are givers. They acknowledge what they have to give and ask themselves how can I contribute today? It is being completely selfless supporting those around you. At the end of the day what you put out of course comes back to you in multiples. Holding onto negative thoughts and / or beliefs will never allow you a full life of possibility. Clear your mind of all negativity. Prosperity thinkers surround themselves with people who are positive minded. Responsibly cut out toxic relationships that have become a burden to you.

If you are lacking a sense of direction and having a hard time charting a course of action to move you closer to more prosperity in your life we highly recommend our FREE Prosperity Guide. It is an in-depth Guide involving proven tips to unlock the prosperity keys to your life success.

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Lori Gradley
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