How To Adjust Back To A Normal Summer In 2021

by Helen Taylor
How To Adjust Back To A Normal Summer In 2021

The year of 2020 included a pandemic, quarantine, lockdowns, stress and a lot of discomfort for many. We had to adjust to a “new normal,” which required masks and social distancing. The social distancing aspect affected everyone, as many weren’t allowed to see friends or family. We are finally fortunate to have a vaccine and most people are itching to have a somewhat “normal” summer. As exciting as this is, this brings on a lot of anxiety of a lot of people, including myself. Below, I provided tips that were helpful to myself on how to adjust back to a normal summer in 2021!

You’re Not Alone

Although you may feel anxious about the world opening back up again, remember that this is okay. Keep in mind that everyone else in the whole entire world has witnessed this horrendous pandemic, and most feel the exact same way as you. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and nervous, so take it easy on yourself. Most everyone will understand.

Don’t Rush

If there’s one thing that I learned in the last year, it’s that there is no need to ever rush things. This past year taught me to embrace the now and not worry so much about what’s coming next. If you aren’t comfortable with going out quite yet, there is no reason you should feel like you have to. Things are not how they used to be, and most won’t blame you for wanting to stay in sometimes.

Talk To Others

Talking to others about how you feel takes loads off the mind. Expressing what makes you and others comfortable is key to adjusting to this “new normal.” Call up some friends or family and see how they’re adjusting to this new life.

Set Boundaries

If anything, this is the most important tip I can give you. It is so important that you set boundaries for yourself and others when you’re nervous about interaction. Express to people what makes you comfortable while engaging in these in-person interactions.

Although I am excited to see faces I haven’t seen in a while, this brings on intense anxiety for me. These few tips on how to adjust back to a normal summer in 2021 are ones I keep in mind during these crazy times and I hope you find them useful as well!

About the author: Helen Taylor

I am currently a senior at The University of Alabama pursuing a B.A. in journalism/news media with a minor in communications. I love to write about all things fashion, beauty, art, food, and music. Upon graduation in December, I hope to start a career in magazine journalism. My dream career locations include New York City, Los Angeles, Denver, Charleston, and Austin, Texas. I am always open to questions, suggestions or comments, so please feel free to contact me. I hope you find my articles helpful!
Instagram: @helenwtaylor

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